News/Blog Author: Fiona O’Farrell

Lost In Space

posted on 20th Mar 2019

Myspace hit the headlines this week for having lost 12 years worth of music. It wasn't the work of hackers, but instead a server migration error. This must be devastating to some artists, while others may have forgotten they’d ever uploaded anything 12 years ago. It got me thinking - I’ve really taken for granted my online presence and even... Gimme More »

Seasonal Packaging – that lasts

posted on 21st Nov 2018

Retro vintage designs are never more evident than at Christmas time. These designs can be found on packaging in every supermarket throughout the country. Nostalgia being one of the key selling points at Christmas got me thinking about the packaging, especially the tins we used to keep in our own kitchen cupboard. They were almost always gifted at... Gimme More »

Packaging Design – Not just for profit

posted on 20th Sep 2018

Consumers' ever-evolving tastes and attitudes often influence a packaging update or complete redesign. Recently, a famous U.S. brand ‘Barnum's Animal Crackers’ updated their iconic design due to pressure from PETA. The previous design represented a number of circus animals living in their cages. At the time of the original design in the... Gimme More »

Why become a packaging designer?

posted on 21st Aug 2018

I love all aspects of design - from interiors to textiles to architecture, so I automatically find my job as a packaging designer fun and interesting. At art college, I found the concept and research part of a project the most engaging and that hasn’t changed. Following an internship, I was fortunate to land a role as a junior designer with a... Gimme More »

A Tale of Three Lions – Retro Rebranding

posted on 20th Jul 2018

With the World Cup over for another four years, France has updated their badge with their second World Cup star. During the World Cup, 1966 nostalgia was fervent in the UK and England fans were hoping their three lions would be the ones to add the additional star but 'malheureusement' it went home to their French rivals. However, 'Les Bleus' are... Gimme More »

Ice Cool Seduction

posted on 20th Jun 2018

There has been a bit of talk about Svalbardi. A luxury brand that is marketing itself as a gift you can enjoy, " yourself, with colleagues, friends, or loved ones” The packaging consists of an elegant clear glass bottle with a tapered neck and a wooden cap decorated with a carved snowflake. The bottle is protected within a metallic blue... Gimme More »

Packaging Information – Can you see the wood for the trees?

posted on 21st May 2018

Making informed decisions on what products to buy should be easier than ever due to clearer labeling and packaging information. That’s not to say that some claims can be misleading, but the introduction of more trusted logos and simpler classifications such as the ‘traffic light system’ regarding our daily nutritional intake should help us a... Gimme More »

Pop! Packaging Design

posted on 11th Apr 2018

Galleries and museums are full of design icons, but when I visit a new city I’m just as intrigued as to what different packaging I’ll discover at the local corner shop or supermarket. The story and heritage of the place can be found on these shelves. Here are a few examples: Kerrygold Butter This little gold bar has been around for... Gimme More »