It takes a village (the right team) to build a brand

posted on 19th Sep 2018

Your business has many facets and a variety of talent within its walls. The main players might include CEO, sales/marketing, finance, technology, product development and administration - all working together to make your business a success. Your branding partners also have a team of specialists all working together to create new and captivating... Gimme More »

Personal Money Saving Tips

posted on 18th Sep 2018

‘Take care of the pence; for the pounds will take care of themselves’, William Lowndes, the British Secretary of the Treasury, 1696–1724. Accountants like to save money. This trait is a consequence of years of studying and working with debits and credits. Here are some of the areas you should look at if you are looking to get your... Gimme More »

Using Pastels for Packaging Impact

posted on 17th Sep 2018

Today on shelf, it is easy to find packaging using a variety of different colours, substrates and finishes. Of these, colour use is normally confined to using the full-colour process palette. This includes Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black along with the use of Pantone colours. However, one of the more underrated uses of colour on packaging is... Gimme More »

World first for the beer industry: Carlsberg sticks it to plastic waste with its packaging re-design

posted on 14th Sep 2018

Carlsberg Snap Pack
Last week, beer-giant, Carlsberg, announced that it is taking a bold step against the amount of plastic waste it generates by changing a 50-year-old element of its packaging. As part of its ongoing sustainability pledge, Together Towards Zero, Carlsberg’s ‘world first for the beer industry’ is an eco-friendly six-pack redesign called... Gimme More »

Why Do I Have A Passion for Shoes

posted on 13th Sep 2018

So the other day as I was walking through our design studio I stopped to look at what one of our Designers was working on. As we do a lot of work with luxury brands, she had images of beautiful designer shoes on her screen. My heart started to race a little bit and I wanted to explore in detail the various offerings of shoes I saw before me. I... Gimme More »

The Ryder Cup – team branding gives them the edge

posted on 12th Sep 2018

First played in 1927 and named after English seed merchant Samuel Ryder, the Ryder Cup, organized jointly by Ryder Cup Europe and PGA, is a biennial golf tournament that pits twelve-player teams of Europe and the United States against each other. The venue for the Ryder Cup alternates between European and American cities with the last having been... Gimme More »

Pepsi vs. Cola: The Marketing Battle of the Century

posted on 11th Sep 2018

Last weekend I was scrolling through documentaries to watch on Amazon Prime when I came across Pepsi vs. Cola: The Marketing Battle of the Century. The marketer in me was intrigued to watch the 53 minute documentary on the battle between the two giants. Along with a decent history lesson, I came away with 5 key takeaways I learned from a century... Gimme More »

Is Craftsmanship Dead?

posted on 10th Sep 2018

I’ve always had a real soft spot for anything that shows true craftsmanship. Nothing compares to the attention to detail of something handcrafted, whether it’s a precision handmade piece of boutique furniture or the sheer quality and longevity of a pair of handmade shoes. The precision and skill required always impresses me no end. My... Gimme More »

Ireland’s mobile internet habit

posted on 7th Sep 2018

Q: What do Ireland and Poland have in common? A: Aside from both having a large Catholic population and a history of being invaded by their immediate neighbours, it also turns out they are the only two EU countries to browse the web more on mobile than on desktop. [date: 2018, source: Stat Counter] The move towards a predominantly... Gimme More »

Designer OCD

posted on 5th Sep 2018

Lately, I've been thinking about Designer OCD because I noticed all the designers I know have their own 'obsessions'. So I Googled it and the quote ‘I just have to have my layouts neat and tidy or I go crazy!’ comes up, as well as a lot of pictures that I surely can relate to and others that made me itch: It's not exactly... Gimme More »