Crouching cyclist, hidden bear: The best hidden messages in everyday logos

posted on 13th Jul 2018

Museum of London logo
Teeling Whiskey Have you heard about the bird? I was enlightened about the meaning behind this whiskey’s logo during a tour of their Dublin 8 HQ. At a glance you might pass this logo over as a gothic bird in flight - something akin to the tattoo your boyfriend got on his Leaving Cert. holiday perhaps. The bird is, upon sober inspection, a... Gimme More »

Interview Questions and Answers

posted on 12th Jul 2018

So you’ve got the interview – fantastic! Now the panic sets in – what will they ask me and how do I answer them to show off me as my best self. I have put together six most likely questions you will be asked but more importantly I am giving you the answers to help you stand out from the crowd. Tell Me About Yourself This may seem... Gimme More »

FIFA World Cup – Serious about design

posted on 11th Jul 2018

If you were ever in doubt what a behemoth the World Cup is from a branding point of view have a browse through the website. Under the marketing section there are pages and pages about protecting the brand, the do’s and don’ts and how important it is to safeguard their brand. Fifa's Brand Protection As FIFA is proud to inform... Gimme More »

The Meme: A Brief History

posted on 10th Jul 2018

Where it all began When first thinking of a meme, cat images and crying Jordans come to mind, but the origin of ‘the meme’ has a more surprising, philosophical past than you think… The word ‘meme’ dates back to pre-internet days. Coined by Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, he attempts to... Gimme More »

10 Top Tips for a Bonza Barbeque Bonanza!

posted on 9th Jul 2018

Strewth mate, it’s hotter than a shearer’s armpit don't ya reckon? So if you're feeling drier than the Simpson Desert and as hungry as a vegetarian at an Aussie barbeque convention, it's time to crack open a cold one and crank up the Barbie. Let’s take a look at my top tips on what makes a great barbeque Australian style. Top Tip 1:... Gimme More »

3 weird things you never knew about your website’s visitors

posted on 6th Jul 2018

Imagine you have just launched your brand new website - and congratulations, it's gorgeous! You're sitting at your desk, clicking around and it's all shiny and scrolly and fast and lovely, just like you wanted. What you may not realise is that you, sitting at a broadband-enabled desktop computer may not be typical of every visitor to your website.... Gimme More »

Why B2B brands need to get emotional

posted on 5th Jul 2018

No matter the industry or sector, business to business brands seem to have a deep-rooted aversion to emotion. The idea of it simply repulses them. It's like some kind of highly contagious virus they're afraid to catch - even talking about it could put them at risk. All that “fluffy stuff” as they so kindly put it, is simply not for them nor... Gimme More »

Absolut Perfect Packaging Design

posted on 4th Jul 2018

Absolut Vodka…please take a bow. For the design community, the brand has always lifted our spirits with the brand's intrinsic link to creativity. But the brand has also a long and successful connection with great initiatives. With Pride just passed, you have to admire their original 2017 rainbow bottle which shows clear support of the LGBT... Gimme More »

The Secret to Happiness

posted on 3rd Jul 2018

Ireland may be emerging like a Phoenix from the ashes but it is obvious that there’s been a huge shift in attitudes since the Celtic Tiger. People are tired with the unrealistic and unattainable.  As a nation we may be a rock in the Atlantic but right now Ireland’s shining ‘bright like a diamond’. We’re being seen in a new light and... Gimme More »

Recycling Through Street Art

posted on 2nd Jul 2018

Street art is no longer seen as illegal or tacky, splashed on buildings around the city. It has become an art movement that is growing bigger and bigger by the moment. I must confess, I’m a sucker for street art. When I visit a different city I wander the streets to see what hidden canvases I can find. When I moved to Dublin, I realised the... Gimme More »