Social Media Blog 4: Where Do Brands Live?

posted on 18th Feb 2021

Located in the footprint of the former Guggenheim Museum, Prada’s NY SoHo store is almost un-shoppable. The main floor holds very little product with the space dominated instead by an oversized glass elevator. Most of the shopping takes place on the basement level which is compact and oddly lit. These two floors are connected by what looks like... Gimme More »

Social Media Blog 3: How to Grow Social Media Following Organically

posted on 11th Feb 2021

First things first, increasing social media followers is not a marketing objective for your brand. There are however a number of objectives which can be achieved more efficiently with a larger number of followers. For example, if you want to improve brand awareness or generate leads organically on Facebook or Instagram then a larger following will... Gimme More »

Social Media Blog 2: The Cost of Social Media Marketing

posted on 3rd Feb 2021

In the attention economy, where supply is increasingly limited, social media marketing offers access to under-priced attention. In other words, marketing on social media is one of the most cost effective ways to reach your audience and strengthen your brand. So, how much does social media marketing cost? To understand the cost of marketing on... Gimme More »

Social Media Blog 1: Crashing Social Media

posted on 27th Jan 2021

The collaborative and participatory nature of Web 2.0 created the foundations for the rise of social media platforms. Brands rushed into this new opportunity to reach their audience with flashy tools and impressive technologies. In many cases, they forgot two essential things: Social media was designed for people, not brands. Social media... Gimme More »

Social Media Marketing Statistics: 2019

posted on 26th Jan 2021

Welcome to another instalment of our digital and social media marketing review aimed at keeping digital marketers on their toes in 2020. In recent months, Mark Zuckerberg, recovering from multiple fines and sittings in front of the US Congress, delivered the keynote speech for Facebook’s 2019 conference with an emphasis on building a more... Gimme More »

2018 Digital and Social Media Marketing Insights

posted on 22nd Jan 2021

2018 was the year that brought you GDPR, the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Mark Zuckerberg drinking water in front of the US Congress. In other words, it was a year when social media news went from gossip to current events. Here’s a look back at some 2018 digital and social media marketing insights which will help inform your social media and... Gimme More »

Apple does it again nailing WFH

posted on 22nd Jul 2020

I suppose it helps to have a big budget but Apple continually hit the nail on the head when it comes to getting into the heads of it's consumers. They do a great parody of our Covid 19 lives working from home (WFH) and all the chaos it can bring while also showing off how amazing their tech can perform to adapt. 6 mins 55 seconds enjoy! Gimme More »

1 page, a million pixels = $1Million

posted on 2nd May 2019

January 2006, 21-year-old Alex Tew sat in his bedroom in Wilshire, watching the final pixels fill up on a computer screen. He was about to become a millionaire. All it took was $50, 2 days of his time, and an idea that in his own words was a...  “get-rich-quick scheme that actually worked.” It started when he asked himself  how can I make... Gimme More »

The writing is on the (Waterford) wall

posted on 11th Apr 2019

After I read Rashima's post last week featuring beautiful street art on the walls throughout India, I was reminded of a festival in my home town of Waterford that similarly promotes and celebrates street art. Originating in 2015, the Waterford Walls street art festival is now an annual event that hosts world-class national and international... Gimme More »

Your brain on criticism

posted on 5th Apr 2019

I recently started listening to a new podcast - WorkLife with Adam Grant. Adam Grant is an Organisational Psychologist who, in his own words, “studies how to make work not suck.” I’ve always been particularly interested in the application of Organisational Psychology. Psychology has been applied with great effect to various fields like... Gimme More »