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G🔺ME CH🔺NGER 15–🔺2–19

15th Feb, 2019
Clash Tennis Racket

G🔺ME CH🔺NGER 15–🔺2–19

Product Life Cycle

Almost all products have a specific life span known in marketing terms as the Product Life Cycle. This cycle spans the duration of the product from the time that it’s launched to the time that it exits the market. Some products never actually exit the market, with marketers learning over time and through exacting research how to extend the duration of their products. They do this through the creation of innovative design features. These features allow the product to evolve and grow in a way that sustains interest from its core customers, developing brand loyalty that allows the product to extend its life cycle.

The brand Wilson has been in existence since 1913. Wilson first made tennis racket strings in 1914 and have been creating sporting goods for over 100 years. Wilson is consistently innovating and today a new game changer hit the market – the first since the Wilson T2000 in 1968, when Wilson brought the first steel racket to market.

Can a Wilson disrupt a competitive tennis market again?

Whilst the tennis racket has undergone many evolutions over time, from wood to aluminium to graphite, or natural gut to polyester strings. Wilson has radically revolutionised the humble tennis racket with its latest innovation, the Wilson Clash.

Following 200 hours of market research findings, it appeared that the most important attribute needed from a racket was control. This was then followed by 2 years of product development which led to the design of the Wilson Clash.


Back in November 2018, an innovative marketing plan was launched. Prior to its release onto the market, Wilson cleverly deployed a prototype racket to 650 players, tennis club shops and online retailers world-wide. The prototype Wilson Clash arrived in a specially designed wooden crate, with a simple triangle red mark on the exterior. Thanks to my club, Sutton Tennis Lawn Club, I was fortunate enough to experience the Clash prototype before the release and it did not disappoint. With no specification on weight, head size or stiffness, the carbon frame has new angles that allow the ball to sit longer on the strings, whilst the frame intelligently reacts to the ball by flexing in the swing path which in turn allows the player improved accuracy and spin.

In my opinion it’s a game changer, and a product innovation that will ensure Wilson’s place in the market is safe for the foreseeable future…

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