POSTED BY: Lorna Ryan McKeon

Design that’s set tails wagging

2nd Aug, 2018

Design that’s set tails wagging

A tiny coffee shop in a tiny town, Little Wolf is no Starbucks. But as a brand with buckets full of character, it goes to show that a bit of personality goes a long way. In a world of brands clamouring for attention with bold graphics and loud shouty design, its charming illustrations connect on a whole other level. From the minute I clapped eyes on it, this brand had me collared. Perhaps being a hopeless animal lover, it’s got that added appeal – just take a look at that irresistible cutie!!


Established in 2016, Little Wolf is a small-batch coffee roastery and café founded by an accountant who had been roasting his own coffee at home. The aim was to make specialty coffee a little more friendly and accessible. Passionate and meticulous in craft, they take care to source and roast the highest quality coffee, but maintain that a cup of coffee can only be as good as the company you share it with.

Little Wolf is named after the owner’s dog and best friend, River, who happens to look quite like a wolf (aw!). In this ever-growing sector, the name stands out and provides great scope for design, which US-based Perky Bros certainly did a fab job of! Happy out like ‘a dog with a bone’ I’m sure!


They say their inspiration is one part science and two parts storybook. The system showcases a methodical, yet quirky typographic system and a restrained icy blue colour palette reminiscent of the eyes of a newborn wolf pup. River can be found playfully illustrated throughout with simple language to compliment—reminding everyone that specialty coffee shouldn’t be taken too seriously.


The packaging is stunning and the attention to detail impressive, with no facet of the bag left unattended — wolf hair pattern lining, “sit” printed on the bottom of the bag, and a very practical packaging system which uses a variety of coloured stickers across its blends. This smart move allows Little Wolf to print thousands of the same bag but still customise each pack using the stickers. Who’s a clever boy then??

Expertly crafted at every turn, this brand is simply joyful and endearing. From start to finish each and every touchpoint has been considered, including the wonderful blue tennis ball promo.

Lorna Ryan McKeon, Senior Brand Designer

Lorna brings a flair for intellectual instinctual design with her! A remarkable sense of colour and intuitive eye for balance and space make her a natural designer, and her exquisite concepts serve to bolster and enrich the brands she works with. Many of our clients at Neworld, including Adare Manor, Clontarf Castle and Castleknock Hotel, have benefited from her attention and genuine love of what she does.