POSTED BY: Katelynn Spaid

Judging A Beer By Its Cover

31st Jul, 2017

Judging A Beer By Its Cover

It’s no news that the craft beer market has well and truly exploded. In fact, craft beer production and consumption in Ireland has increased sixfold since 2012 (Bord Bia, 2016). And with new brands and styles popping up alongside complex names and designs, choosing a couple of beers has become quite an overwhelming experience!

So what sways the consumer decision? According to Nielsen’s 2017 category research, up to 70% of purchasing decisions are unplanned and made at the shelf. Price and reputation have a role to play, but the research tells us that for craft beer drinkers, it’s packaging that is the biggest influencer of all.

That’s why it was so important to consider how we approached developing the Franciscan Well brand and in particular, launching their can range. As a new format for Franciscan Well and much of the Irish market, we had an opportunity to create a fresh look that cuts right through the noise. Our challenge lay in balancing the brand’s distinct heritage and Cork character with a concept that’s approachable, uncomplicated and simple to understand. The bold design is packed with purpose – to capture the consumer’s attention, draw them into the Franciscan Well story and help them navigate the range with ease.