POSTED BY: Katelynn Spaid


8th Nov, 2017

Future (noun) A period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come.


Thought leaders, innovators, industry professionals, artists and even a Zoltar Speaks fortune teller right out of the movie “Big”, all gathered at the RDS Dublin this past weekend to share and shape theFuture. We sent a few of the kids to get the inside scoop at the first annual theFuture event. After countless photos and tweets flooded our feeds over the weekend, come Monday morning we were dying to ask the million-dollar question – what is the future?

The future is… Human. Full of emotions, work/life balances and struggles that make us who we are and, in turn, empower our creative work.

The future is… Full of mistakes to learn from. Mistakes are not a bad thing. Some are happy mistakes, never intended, that end up adding real inspiration and value. There is always something to learn no matter how long you’re in the profession.

The future is… A commitment to a vocation.

The future is… Always learning and always teaching.

The future is… Changing. It’s faster, smaller, more fluid, and healthier. Generation Y has an entirely different lifestyle and this is played out in their interactions with technology and brands.