POSTED BY: Katelynn Spaid

Breakfast of Champions

28th Aug, 2017

Breakfast of Champions

­­They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But how much does that influence what you feed your kids in the morning? Although parents may have good intentions, giving kids something healthy often takes a back seat. In fact 64% of Irish parents say they feed their kids what they know they’ll eat rather than the healthy option (Bord Bia, 2016).

So how do parents find a happy medium? Flahavan’s has answered that question. Last year the long-established company created a kids porridge called Super Oats that ticks all the boxes – it’s healthy, easy to make and deliciously smooth, just the way kids like it.

We were tasked with creating some stand out packaging for this super healthy new product. The first question we asked was how do you inspire kids to want the healthier choice? We knew our challenge lay in drawing kids to the brand while also encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle. We did our research and discovered that one third of consumers say their children are attracted to products with colourful packaging and cartoon characters (Children’s Eating Habits 2017, Mintel). With this in mind we created some dynamic little characters playing a range of Irish sports and activities to ensure wide reach, appeal and relevance. Vibrant colours brought these illustrations to life. Visually, the look is relatable and fun for Irish kids – making it that little bit easier to make the healthy choice!