POSTED BY: Katelynn Spaid

The Joke’s On Us

31st Mar, 2017

Thought you might have got away with it this year, did you? Well think again. April Fools falls on a Saturday, but we’d hate you to miss being pranked so here’s a few classics that those mischievous brands have tried to get us with over the years.

No Calorie Guinness Glan
Zero calorie Guinness. They couldn’t fool us so they pranked the US market instead.

Reebok Swět
Reebok introduced their first fragrance on April 1st 2015. Gross.

Google Cardboard Plastic
With virtual reality the new craze, Google poked fun by going beyond virtual reality – drum roll please – ACTUAL reality.

New words in Oxford Dictionaries
For those of you who don’t know your FOMOs from your YOLOs.

Centra no longer selling chicken fillet rolls
And then there’s always one brand that goes too far. As if.