If the walls could talk

posted on 2nd Nov 2018

Once upon a time, there was a castle. This was no ordinary Castle. This was a city castle, complete with a ghost… Intrigued? We certainly were. What a pleasure it was to work with Clontarf Castle Hotel… and set about sharing their gallant story. As a building whose origins date back to 1172, Clontarf Castle has its fair share of history and... Gimme More »

Halloween Fever!

posted on 1st Nov 2018

For some, All Hallows' Eve may not be a big deal, but for others it is. I was born in a country that didn’t celebrate Halloween. It's something that only started to pick up in recent year due to American tv shows and horror movies. When I moved to Ireland, I started to see the buzz in the whole Halloween thing. I was quite surprised to know that... Gimme More »

Spooky Craft Beers

posted on 31st Oct 2018

Tiz the season of leaves falling, dressing up in costumes and asking neighbours for sweets and treats. But if you don't wish to dress up as a Vampire or Frankenstein and go knocking on doors does not mean you can't enjoy a treat or two on Halloween. Here are some dark spooky craft beers for you to try if you're not too scared: Black Wych... Gimme More »

I vote for better election posters!

posted on 30th Oct 2018

While doing my civic duty and heading to the polls Friday morning I couldn’t help but question ‘those posters’, whose sole purpose is to entice, sway or confirm my opinion. Why do they all look the same? Why are they so outdated? Why don’t they actually consider the power of design? Perhaps I’m slightly jaded as my life is... Gimme More »


posted on 26th Oct 2018

Walking around Dublin, depending on how observant you are, you may have noticed some strange, little lost stickers. If you haven't keep an eye on the lookout for street signs, lamp posts and power boxes. These little unique stickers are bound to brighten up your day. Here's Albatros - the man behind it all to tell us about the project. Keep... Gimme More »

When Brands Become a Noun

posted on 24th Oct 2018

We recently began a house renovation project and I was amazed at the number of times we were asked if we were doing a “Grand Design”? The channel four home design series has become so entrenched in our everyday culture that the programme name has now become a generic term for home renovations. This is not a new phenomenon. The English... Gimme More »

We just got Banksy-ed

posted on 24th Oct 2018

Girl with Ballon Earlier this month, Banksy made headlines around the world when his painting, ‘Girl with Balloon’, was sold in Sotheby's auction house. The value of the artwork reached more than three times its pre-sale estimate during the auction, equaling a record price for the artist. The next thing that happened went viral around the... Gimme More »

Simple Design That Can Change a City

posted on 22nd Oct 2018

Known as America’s ‘coolest city’, Portland, Oregon is the city of hipsters, vegans and ‘weirdos’. This Northwestern town smells of malt from the countless breweries and everyone owns a dog - adopted, of course. And a new trend has found its way to Portland. During my recent trip, it was hard to miss the copious amounts of scooters... Gimme More »

5 new tech terms you need to know

posted on 19th Oct 2018

Get yourself up to speed with 5 of the newest tech terms Crowdturfing Most of us read reviews before buying products or making a booking online. But some unscrupulous firms are now paying people to write positive reviews or to post bad reviews on competitor products. This is known as “crowdturfing”. Up to now the cost of hiring people has... Gimme More »

5 Ways To Improve The Marketing And Finance Alliance

posted on 18th Oct 2018

The relationship between the marketing and finance department is often stormy. Marketers, it is assumed, are all creative, while the finance people are only concerned with the profits and cash flow. However, the cooperation between these two groups is very important. The two types, while using different skill sets, can work together as a... Gimme More »