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Apple does it again nailing WFH

posted on 22nd Jul 2020

I suppose it helps to have a big budget but Apple continually hit the nail on the head when it comes to getting into the heads of it's consumers. They do a great parody of our Covid 19 lives working from home (WFH) and all the chaos it can bring while also showing off how amazing their tech can perform to adapt. 6 mins 55 seconds enjoy! Gimme More »

Instagram your brand

posted on 26th Mar 2019

Instagram has more than 1 billion active users, it boasts higher engagement rates than any other social media platform. With the right strategy you can make Instagram work for your brand. Using hashtags Using hashtags on Instagram can increase user engagement - one hashtag averages 12% more engagement than a post without one. It’s a great way... Gimme More »

Bring out the comical side of your Brand

posted on 22nd Feb 2019

Have you considered using comics or comic-like visual content in your brand storytelling efforts? If not, then let’s talk about it today- once in a while your brand should show that it's not afraid to get creative. Why ‘Comics’? Comics are an entirely different beast from written words. Comics are heavily geared toward visual storytelling... Gimme More »

For the love of twitter

posted on 19th Nov 2018

Ah Twitter... Nothing much to say here except twitter sometimes makes me chuckle... Dogs... Subscribe to Viral Viral on Youtube! --> — viral viral (@xxlfunny1) November 14, 2018 Theresa May... I spent too much time on this. #TheresaMay — Luke... Gimme More »

Halloween Fever!

posted on 1st Nov 2018

For some, All Hallows' Eve may not be a big deal, but for others it is. I was born in a country that didn’t celebrate Halloween. It's something that only started to pick up in recent year due to American tv shows and horror movies. When I moved to Ireland, I started to see the buzz in the whole Halloween thing. I was quite surprised to know that... Gimme More »

Social Media Predictions 2012

posted on 30th Aug 2018

Neworld Social Media Blog predictions
By chance I recently came across an article I wrote in 2012 for a marketing magazine. It was loosely about social media, the value for companies of being active on social networks, privacy and regulation, and what the future outlook held. 2012 does not sound too long ago, but in internet years it’s an eternity. In 2012 Social Media was... Gimme More »

The Meme: A Brief History

posted on 10th Jul 2018

Where it all began When first thinking of a meme, cat images and crying Jordans come to mind, but the origin of ‘the meme’ has a more surprising, philosophical past than you think… The word ‘meme’ dates back to pre-internet days. Coined by Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, he attempts to... Gimme More »

Ireland’s Digital and Social Media Statistics 2017

posted on 14th Jun 2018

Ireland's Digital and Social Statistics
So it goes without saying that we live in an age where technology proliferates and prevails. It shapes the way we work and live. And sad as it may be, it also dictates how we think and act too. According to the world at large, we’re a bunch of digital obsessives that live through the lens of our smartphones, addicted to scrolling, refreshing and... Gimme More »

Three Reasons Why Brands Should Partner with Social Media Influencers

posted on 9th May 2018

What is a Social Media Influencer? A social media influencer is a user who has established credibility in a specific industry. These influencers have direct access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach. Social media is an ever evolving industry. And while it has made it easier to connect with... Gimme More »

Blow your own horn

posted on 26th Apr 2018

Indian Truck Art
Inspiration from India Myself and two colleagues are just back from a short trip to India (as you do), and it was certainly a full-on overwhelming cultural experience, a world away from a hop over to a UK or European destination for a couple of days. In fact it was a complete visceral onslaught of sounds, aromas and experiences. From a visual... Gimme More »