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Her apron strings and her purse…

posted on 4th Apr 2019

‘The Purse’ tells the true story of two Wales fans, brothers David and Gareth Rees, who keep the memory of their late mother Olive alive by following Wales in the Guinness Six Nations. Olive left her sons an inheritance on the sole condition that it was used to follow their beloved Wales, as well use her favourite Welsh Dragon purse which... Gimme More »

Three, Two, One, Lift off

posted on 28th Mar 2019

Voyager Blog
On Tuesday of this week, the United States vice president Mike Pence delivered a space policy speech that called for American men and women to return to the Moon by 2024. Despite the understandable doubt that has been cast on the viability of this plan, (because there isn’t a plan or a budget) it is a hopeful time in space travel. Earlier... Gimme More »

Sleeping Flags

posted on 19th Feb 2019

Not too long ago, while sipping on a flat white. Gazing out a café window and people watching, a poster caught my eye. Why? Well it's been a while since a poster has cut through the noise of blockbusters, pantos, politicians and protest placards. Humbly sitting shoulder to shoulder with these posters, its monotone message simply read "You are... Gimme More »

Dinner violation for Rafa Nadel – Integrated branding

posted on 1st Feb 2019

Anyone sitting on their couch down-under watching the Australian Open tennis final on channel 9 last Sunday would have been very surprised to see in the middle of a break between games that Rafa Nadal seemed to order takeout! Strewth, what’s that fella doing? It was, in fact, a very clever “integrated” television... Gimme More »

Egg-cellent Brand Activation

posted on 25th Jan 2019

Blue Monday has come and gone, payday is so near yet so far, Christmas is a distant memory and somehow it feels like 76th of January. Fear not, the Cadbury’s Creme Egg hunt is back and it’s bigger and bolder than ever to lift the spirits of the nation! This year it is more adventurous than previous years, spanning across both the UK... Gimme More »

Brand activism: is it worth it?

posted on 21st Jan 2019

It’s happening more and more, big brands taking stands on socially pertinent issues. Sometimes with great success, sometimes not so much. Who could forget Pepsi’s suggestion that a soft drink was all it took to end police brutality? (Soz for bringing it up again, Kendall!) More recently, we saw it when Nike made Colin Kaepernick the face of... Gimme More »

Christmas Cards from the Edge

posted on 19th Dec 2018

Shut up and shift me
Christmas time - soooomething, sooomething and wine! Tomorrow (the 20th) is the deadline for sending cards to your Irish pals (you are far too late for your friends out foreign. Forget them. They left you.) With that in mind, let’s have a look at the good, the bad and the tacky Christmas cards that our own Irish designers have created to satisfy... Gimme More »

The countdown’s begun! 5 of my favourite John Lewis Christmas Adverts

posted on 3rd Oct 2018

I never really paid much attention to Christmas ads growing up. Looking back, I guess Coca-Cola had established a style back in ‘god knows when’ and that was “the Christmas look" everyone followed. That is until that Christmas when everything changed. John Lewis, and the geniuses behind their powerful campaigns, brought back the magic! The... Gimme More »

The Secret to Happiness

posted on 3rd Jul 2018

Ireland may be emerging like a Phoenix from the ashes but it is obvious that there’s been a huge shift in attitudes since the Celtic Tiger. People are tired with the unrealistic and unattainable.  As a nation we may be a rock in the Atlantic but right now Ireland’s shining ‘bright like a diamond’. We’re being seen in a new light and... Gimme More »

Cycling jersey branding – from dashing to dire

posted on 28th Jun 2018

It’s yet another summer of sport and as we reach the start of July it means it will soon be time for another Tour de France. I know for most it’s of little interest but I’ve been a fan of professional cycling since the the 1980s when Irish cyclists Roche and Kelly were in their pomp, despite the longstanding doping issues that have blighted... Gimme More »