POSTED BY: Lorna Ryan McKeon

The Secret to Happiness

3rd Jul, 2018

The Secret to Happiness

Ireland may be emerging like a Phoenix from the ashes but it is obvious that there’s been a huge shift in attitudes since the Celtic Tiger. People are tired with the unrealistic and unattainable. 

As a nation we may be a rock in the Atlantic but right now Ireland’s shining ‘bright like a diamond’. We’re being seen in a new light and we need to cherish it. Because after all, for years our young people were looking to ‘greener pastures’ and where is greener than here? We need to see the good in ourselves and project it outwardly. That’s exactly what Carlsberg did in their most recent campaign. And like most things the Danes do they did it so very well.

Carlsberg’s been around since 1847 but recent years had seen a decline. It had lost sight of its grassroots, getting carried away with big sponsors and superficial values, portraying unattainable lifestyles. At the same time, craft breweries were gaining in popularity. Emerging brewers didn’t have the big budgets but their pride, passion and hearts were carrying them through. The general consensus was that larger breweries equalled poorer quality beer. Carlsberg had to think long and hard about how to raise their game. But Rasmus Bendtsen, International Marketing Manager at Carlsberg saw the shift through a whole different perspective – declaring craft ‘a huge gift for big brewers’. It gave them the kick needed to stop, take stock and rediscover themselves.

And there was quite a lot to discover! Their heritage goes pretty much unrivalled in the industry. The yeast developed in Denmark by Carlsberg founder JC Jacobsen in the late 19th century is still the basis used by almost all brewers today. And then there’s the fact that breweries around the world are using Carlsberg-invented technology.

From these Danish roots, Carlsberg launched an incredible £15 million integrated marketing campaign called “The Danish Way” aimed at revitalising and repositioning the brand at a more premium level. Denmark is known for being one of the happiest nations in the world, their philosophy on life forms the centrepiece of this campaign – Carlsberg quietly takes credit.

Central to the campaign is a 60-second TV advert starring Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, known for his role in the TV series Hannibal. The advert sees Mikkelsen pondering the secrets to his nation’s happiness, taking the viewer on a magical journey as he cycles through the streets of Denmark before eventually arriving at the Carlsberg Brewery where he enjoys a Carlsberg.

Consumers see Carlsberg sharing the Danes’ rituals and philosophies, helping them to live life “The Danish Way.” While some consumers see mainstream lagers as interchangeable, we know from extensive research that awareness of heritage enables consumers to differentiate easier. As well as celebrating their origins and the secret to their happiness, Carlsberg successfully bring new meaning to the iconic ‘Probably’ line. Which is probably the best slogan in the world!!

Lorna Ryan McKeon, Senior Brand Designer

Lorna brings a flair for intellectual instinctual design with her! A remarkable sense of colour and intuitive eye for balance and space make her a natural designer, and her exquisite concepts serve to bolster and enrich the brands she works with. Many of our clients at Neworld, including Adare Manor, Clontarf Castle and Castleknock Hotel, have benefited from her attention and genuine love of what she does.