News/Blog Author: Pat Kinsley

Make the logo bigger

posted on 21st Mar 2019

Kellogg recently underwent a rebrand. Perhaps the largest in its 113 year history. Tom Seymour wrote a nice piece in Creative Review describing the new packs: “The revamped packs – which include brands such as Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut and Kellogg’s Coco Pops – feature ‘bold and striking colours’ to make the... Gimme More »

What’s love got to do with it?

posted on 13th Feb 2019

It's that time of year... For one week only, shelves are fully stocked with roses, teddies and greeting cards. When we hear the words ‘love’ and ‘brand’ we automatically think of romantic items like special chocolates, flowers, perfumes, jewellery, fine wines, foods or even the likes of the tantalising Victoria’s Secret. For many... Gimme More »

SMEG – Technology with Style

posted on 8th Jan 2019

Coming from a design background, I have always been curious about the vintage shaped fridge with the peculiar name that seemed to be a must have for anyone that fancied themselves a lover of design. Why the design style? Why the name SMEG? What does it mean? We don’t always want to remember retro - whether that’s shaggy brown carpets... Gimme More »

Advent Calendars

posted on 22nd Nov 2018

Last week, I was asked by the Sunday Independent to share my thoughts on the Advent Calendar. It got me wondering where they came from and what they were all about. I’ve always had the idea that Advent calendars were purely commercial but come to find out they have quite a long history. Derived from the Latin word ‘adventus’ meaning... Gimme More »

Simple Design That Can Change a City

posted on 22nd Oct 2018

Known as America’s ‘coolest city’, Portland, Oregon is the city of hipsters, vegans and ‘weirdos’. This Northwestern town smells of malt from the countless breweries and everyone owns a dog - adopted, of course. And a new trend has found its way to Portland. During my recent trip, it was hard to miss the copious amounts of scooters... Gimme More »

Let’s Get Mischievous

posted on 21st Sep 2018

Last Monday, I was asked by NewsTalk’s Henry McKean to comment on Paddy Power’s Museum of Mischief and where the bookmaker company has come from a branding point of view. And it got me thinking about the rampant entrepreneurial spirit in the 1980s from which the brand was born. 30 years ago, there was a hunger by Irish businessmen/women... Gimme More »

Branding gets spiritual

posted on 23rd Aug 2018

A couple of weeks ago I found myself dropping in on one of my favourite haunts in Dublin, Glasnevin Cemetery. You see, every once in a while a friend comes to town, and where better to get a crash course in Irish History than our very own City of the Dead! In this case, it was my sister Kathleen visiting from my home of NYC. And you know... Gimme More »

Did you ever wonder? Origins of well-known phrases

posted on 23rd Jul 2018

Do you ever wonder about the meaning behind certain phrases or sayings? I’m sure I’m not alone in using a number of well-known expressions in my daily conversations, yet never giving a moment to think where they come from or what they actually mean. On a very recent trip back home to visit the folks in NYC, I found myself sitting at a... Gimme More »

I ♥ NY – An Iconic Design Shared Around the Globe

posted on 22nd May 2018

Every time I turn around it seems like it’s springtime again. I love spring in Dublin. The canals become packed with people soaking in the sun, the flowers have bloomed in Stephens Green and there’s a yearning for something new. My connection and memory of spring is no different than what I have described. Except for me, it also brings me... Gimme More »

To disrupt or not to disrupt? That is the question!

posted on 18th Apr 2018

When it comes to branding I have always asked the big question – the why? Why do certain brands act one way and others another? The obvious answer is that each and every brand is different - it’s their birth rite to stay true to themselves. With that in mind, there’s no ignoring the fact that more and more brands have begun to try to... Gimme More »