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It Started With a Sketch – Sketchbook Challenge

20th Apr, 2018

It Started With a Sketch – Sketchbook Challenge

Why Keep a Sketchbook?

For me, all my creative ideas start in my sketchbook – I think it’s a practice that every good artist does. Keeping a sketchbook is a discipline, one that I started back in my college days in NCAD.  And I have every single sketch that I’ve made since then. It’s where my ideas start, where I can figure out what will work and what won’t work.

My sketchbooks are personal to me. They give me the freedom to be experimental and make mistakes. It’s where many happy accidents happen and I don’t need to worry about what anyone else thinks. They are impulsive and subconscious, experimental and chaotic. It’s a very honest way of keeping track of where you are creatively. The practice helps you hone your observational skills and your drawing ability to the world that’s around you, whatever your discipline, whether it is graphic design or fine art. By recording what you are seeing you discover what interests your eye in particular

It’s so easy these days to dive online and start looking at what’s already out there for inspiration – I mean what did we do before Pinterest? Whenever I’m feeling that creative block I know I can pull any of my sketchbooks from the bookshelf, flick through the pages and get a spark of inspiration from something I’ve sketched or scribbled down. Now, I’m not against digital notebooks and my iPad has become an essential part of my creative practice, but you just can’t beat pencil and paper. And the more you sketch the better you get at it. So I gave myself a challenge this week – to sketch the office here at Neworld!

Veronica Dooley, Client Services Manager

When projects have so many moving parts you need someone who knows just how to keep track of it all. With a degree in Fine Arts from NCAD, Veronica brings an undeniable flair for the creative to her role as Client Services Manager. From the moment a job comes into the studio, right through to the final stages, Veronica’s on hand to make sure everything goes according to plan and gets done on time. She’s clients’ first point of contact to ensure their needs are met.