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Client Question: Are brand guidelines important?

22nd Aug, 2018
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Client Question: Are brand guidelines important?

Brand guidelines define how a brand exists and communicates.

Yes, they are important! And there are a few reasons why:


Firstly, brand guidelines provide an understanding of your business. What your brand represents – from its purpose to its visual identity – should be meticulously constructed. Brand guidelines are the culmination of this process is one that should be shared with your internal staff and your external partners. A common awareness ensures there’s no ambiguity about who you are, how you act and what you look like.


Consistency in your brand behaviour – both visually and verbally – ensures your customer can always identify you. In a saturated marketplace, visual markers and verbal cues can help you stay connected with your audience and improve recall. A brand that changes the way it behaves causes confusion and a loss of confidence. Maintaining a consistent brand reinforces what your brand stands for and strengthens brand loyalty.

Direction of use

There is a technical element to guidelines which ensure designers and external partners implement the brand correctly. These guidelines sets the standards for use and show exactly how to you can (and can’t) apply the brand. This covers all elements from logo usage to typefaces, colour palette, photography styles, language rules and social media activity.

So whether creating from scratch or reinvigorating an existing brand, guidelines are essential for building and maintaining your unique identity. It’s always worth the extra investment in the brand journey to give yourself the tools to help you leverage your amazing brand!