Foursquare in 2010 (Infographic)

31st Jan, 2011

Foursquare released this infographic on how the network has grown 3400% in 2010. It’s a location based social network that encourages user’s to check into real world locations, with some game based elements for users to become ‘mayors’ of locations. Foursquare can also be used to promote offers and loyalty amongst customers. In mid 2010 there was an estimated 25,000 users in Ireland, this will have increased by now, in fact it’s worldwide growth was helped by the launch of Facebook Places – Facebook’s direct competitor to Foursquare (which incidentally is due to be launched here very soon). If anything Facebook Places seems to have converted people into location based networkers. This is why understanding what Foursquare and Places is about is important for businesses, it may be niche now, but 600,000 Facebook-ers will have access to Facebook Places when it launches in Ireland.