Has Bertie Damaged Brand Ireland?

4th Oct, 2010

Pat Kinsley of Neworld is on Today FM’s Last Word show around 4.45pm today to discuss Bertie Ahearns new advert.

Last week the News of the World launched a new TV advert featuring their high profile columnists tucked away in various household spaces. This mightn’t of raised any eyebrows apart from the fact one of the NOTW columnists is former Taoiseach Bertie Ahearn. In the advert Bertie is seen sitting in a closet drinking a cup of tea to promote his sports column for the paper. Considering the timing of the ad – when Ireland is under the spotlight for its financial problems, Brian Cowens Morning Ireland interview and his ‘appearance‘ on Jay Leno, it really couldn’t come at a worse time. The online comments have been mostly negative – does he not have any shame?

The advert is below.