Google New For All Thats New at Google

28th Sep, 2010

It can sometimes be difficult to keep up to date with all the new services and updates to existing products Google release. From a simple search function the company has diversified into a wide range of online activities, all aimed at making our web experience better and more productive. We might be familiar with some of them such as Gmail, Youtube and Maps, but it would hard to find someone who is familiar with them all. At last count there was over 200 Google Products. Last week the search giant launched Google New, a kind of one stop shop for all that is new at the company.

The marketing of Google products has been a very mixed bag. Some pass by with little fanfare while others come with so much hype that only disappointment can ensue. For example, a year ago this week, Google launched Google Wave into public beta and invited 100,000 people to join. It was a fairly high profile new product that promised to revolutionise how that web would be used for collaboration. The service ultimately dissappointed and in August this year Google announced it would no longer support the product in 2011.

While Google New won’t be able to make a poor product good, it should make it easier for the public to find out about new products. Previously, new product launches were announced through the various blogs Google has set up for each of their different service areas. With little cross posting, you would have to subscribe to them all to find out what the company has in development. Google New brings all the information into one easy to find place. You can check out Google New here.