Week/End 10.09.10

10th Sep, 2010

A few of the links that have impressed during the week.

1. Trival Pursuit You versus Youtube

An interactive version of the game on Youtube. Take general knowledge questions and bet against the stars of Youtube to see if they know the answers. Fairly addictive stuff that takes great advantage of the Youtube platform to promote a very old game in a new way.

2. You Like This

Fed up with just ‘likeing’ stuff on Facebook? Just enter your name on this page and it will design a set of Facebook like stickers that can be put anywhere you wish. Somebody somewhere has too much free time.

3. Streetview in Fota Wildlife Park

Just announced during the week Google Streetview would map out the Fota Wildlife park in Cork. Should certainly kill a few hours walking around the virtual park a nice addition to the (must surely be) soon to be released Streetview Ireland.

4. How Many Friends Do You Know?

The average Facebook user has 130 friends, but we would only think about going for a drink with 9%. This handy app quizes you on your friends profile pictures. I guess the ones you get right might qualify for that pint!

5. Tipp Ex Bear Viral

What do you mean you haven’t seen this yet? A hunter shoots a bear, then dances, plays tennis and a whole lot more. The cool part – you decide what they do.

6. Human Stop Motion Pack Man

Exactly as the title suggests. Bizarre but fun.