Hot food in cold weather

posted on 3rd Dec 2018

Exactly 5 months ago, I traded the sunny shores of India for the cobbled streets of Dublin. So far I haven't been doing too bad adjusting to the rainy Irish weather and the interesting cultural mishmash. Dabbling in the different music and arts has been fun so far.  However, while I have been open to trying out different foods, my palate takes... Gimme More »

Why do consumers choose one brand over the other?

posted on 30th Nov 2018

Quality A successful brand is a good indicator that the product or service delivers customer satisfaction. Consumers are generally risk averse and do not want to waste their money on a disappointing beer or lifeless flat screen. There is also an implicit understanding successful brands will not want to disappoint their customers and destroy their... Gimme More »

A Choc delight

posted on 29th Nov 2018

Chic french script font
The New York Times recently ran a story about a 1950s French font that, as they describe it, has ‘taken over’ New York. The typeface has proliferated on storefronts in parts of the city, especially on Asian food shops and restaurants signage. It’s a script font called Choc and was designed by Roger Excoffon. ... Gimme More »

Neworlds Top 5 Calendars

posted on 28th Nov 2018

It's that time of year when we're all counting down to Santy! And once he's come and gone, we're all planning fresh new starts, and opening up the first pages of our brand new, fresh paper smelling, custom lined bespoke covered Moleskin notebooks... Well, us designers are anyway. What better time than this to buy an Advent Calendar or plan ahead... Gimme More »

Is no brand the new brand?

posted on 27th Nov 2018

Italic recently launched a $13 million investment and a waiting list of 100K eager shoppers. They’re a members-only club offering luxury products without the shiny logos. Or high price tags. They partner with factories around the world who make luxury products for high-end brands like Prada, Burberry and La Mer. Italic creates products using... Gimme More »

Before Pantone …

posted on 26th Nov 2018

The Pantone colour guide system is a basic design tool that is a vital part of a designer’s toolkit. You will find a Pantone Book on the desk of every good designer. It’s used to communicate and specify colours for print on paper, packaging and consumer products and is universally understood and accepted as the colour standard in the print and... Gimme More »

Happy Black Friday

posted on 23rd Nov 2018

Black Friday phenomenon in Europe, is it just another sales tactic or can we really bag a bargain?? Traditionally Black Friday is on the day after Thanksgiving in America and regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season. It has now made its way over to this side of the world and is fast becoming more of a phenomenon than the... Gimme More »

Advent Calendars

posted on 22nd Nov 2018

Last week, I was asked by the Sunday Independent to share my thoughts on the Advent Calendar. It got me wondering where they came from and what they were all about. I’ve always had the idea that Advent calendars were purely commercial but come to find out they have quite a long history. Derived from the Latin word ‘adventus’ meaning... Gimme More »

Seasonal Packaging – that lasts

posted on 21st Nov 2018

Retro vintage designs are never more evident than at Christmas time. These designs can be found on packaging in every supermarket throughout the country. Nostalgia being one of the key selling points at Christmas got me thinking about the packaging, especially the tins we used to keep in our own kitchen cupboard. They were almost always gifted at... Gimme More »

How the Irish are influencing tech

posted on 20th Nov 2018

I’m just two weeks back from the Web Summit so I’ve had time to reflect on this year's Lisbon extravaganza. This annual meeting of the tech community keeps growing and growing with figures reaching 75,000 attendees now. The Irish begrudgers have long since been silenced as they realised that Dublin and the RDS could never have let it grow to... Gimme More »