POSTED BY: Sean Deignan

Pack structures – Enhancing Consumer Experience

16th May, 2018

Pack structures – Enhancing Consumer Experience

Over recent years, there have been many advances within the design and print industry with regard to packaging production. Substrates, print quality and finishes have all made incremental strides and improvements, all in tune with increased consumer expectation. However, pack structures, particularly those for a mass market, have been a little slower to evolve – leading to a tendency where a standard pack structure appearing on shelf in your local supermarket can be, well, a bit standard.

Different factors have influenced this generification in various sectors – tooling and print cost, on-line production compatibility and consumer usability to name a few. It is welcome then when special consideration is given to both on-pack graphics and structure, meaning the overall consumer experience is enhanced and even more interactive.

A recent example of this is the new chocolate range from Nestlé KitKat Senses, shareable mini-chocolate packs. When opened, as the outer lid is removed, the inner casing falls open into a clever sharing tray, accentuating the whole point of the pack. A feature of the pack so important, it features in their TV advertising for the range.


No re-invention of the wheel, just a simple, smart solution.

Sean Deignan, Senior Production Artist

Sean is a Senior Production Artist at Neworld. He is responsible for the handling of major brand name projects from brief to final production, and for taking design concepts and working them to fully finished packaging and literature ready for print. He has worked with a variety of brands including Barry’s Tea, Glenisk, Arrabawn, The Jelly Bean Factory and Irish Pride.