Curves, Swirls and Virgins – the world of media ownership and TV identities

posted on 28th Sep 2018

BBC2 new logo ident
As Irish TV watchers may have noticed, TV3 has recently rebranded as Virgin Media TV. The channels formally known as TV3, 3e and be3 have been renamed as Virgin Media One, Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Three. Anecdotally many consumers have been confused by this change and have been wondering where TV3 has... Gimme More »

Happy World Tourism Day!

posted on 27th Sep 2018

Today is World Tourism Day, making it the perfect time to reflect on the tourism of our own island. New data from Fáilte Ireland provides an interesting look at Ireland's tourism industry. In 2017 Ireland had over 9 million visitors and Tourism Ireland predicts that it will be well over the 10 million mark by the end of 2018. Did you know... Gimme More »

Loving Vincent

posted on 25th Sep 2018

Vincent van Gogh is rightly credited as the father of modern art and his work still inspires almost 125 years after his death. His choice of subject, brushwork and sense of style still fires the imaginations of generations of modern and contemporary artists. His paintings have now also inspired a truly original and stunningly beautiful feature... Gimme More »

The Importance of Keeping Your Brand Fresh

posted on 24th Sep 2018

Marketing communications have three main objectives: Inform your customers about your brand Persuade your customers why they should choose your brand over the competitors' options Remind your customers constantly and consistently about what you do and what you stand for Amongst all this, it's important to keep the brand fresh and... Gimme More »

Let’s Get Mischievous

posted on 21st Sep 2018

Last Monday, I was asked by NewsTalk’s Henry McKean to comment on Paddy Power’s Museum of Mischief and where the bookmaker company has come from a branding point of view. And it got me thinking about the rampant entrepreneurial spirit in the 1980s from which the brand was born. 30 years ago, there was a hunger by Irish businessmen/women... Gimme More »

Packaging Design – Not just for profit

posted on 20th Sep 2018

Consumers' ever-evolving tastes and attitudes often influence a packaging update or complete redesign. Recently, a famous U.S. brand ‘Barnum's Animal Crackers’ updated their iconic design due to pressure from PETA. The previous design represented a number of circus animals living in their cages. At the time of the original design in the... Gimme More »

It takes a village (the right team) to build a brand

posted on 19th Sep 2018

Your business has many facets and a variety of talent within its walls. The main players might include CEO, sales/marketing, finance, technology, product development and administration - all working together to make your business a success. Your branding partners also have a team of specialists all working together to create new and captivating... Gimme More »

Personal Money Saving Tips

posted on 18th Sep 2018

‘Take care of the pence; for the pounds will take care of themselves’, William Lowndes, the British Secretary of the Treasury, 1696–1724. Accountants like to save money. This trait is a consequence of years of studying and working with debits and credits. Here are some of the areas you should look at if you are looking to get your... Gimme More »

Using Pastels for Packaging Impact

posted on 17th Sep 2018

Today on shelf, it is easy to find packaging using a variety of different colours, substrates and finishes. Of these, colour use is normally confined to using the full-colour process palette. This includes Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black along with the use of Pantone colours. However, one of the more underrated uses of colour on packaging is... Gimme More »

World first for the beer industry: Carlsberg sticks it to plastic waste with its packaging re-design

posted on 14th Sep 2018

Carlsberg Snap Pack
Last week, beer-giant, Carlsberg, announced that it is taking a bold step against the amount of plastic waste it generates by changing a 50-year-old element of its packaging. As part of its ongoing sustainability pledge, Together Towards Zero, Carlsberg’s ‘world first for the beer industry’ is an eco-friendly six-pack redesign called... Gimme More »