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The Facebook Send Button

posted on 26th Apr 2011

Last week the Facebook Like button reached it's first birthday. In the last year the 'like' button has been added to over 2.5 million websites and that figure is growing at 10,000 websites per day. In short, it's come a long way. So this week Facebook have introduced a new button - Send. The Send Button The Like button has been an undeniable... Gimme More »

10 Innovative Facebook Commerce Examples

posted on 19th Apr 2011

I've been posting about Facebook commerce a lot of late. In the last post I mentioned that f-commerce will work when it's done right and that a one size fits all approach won't work. If it's done right it will work is probably easier said then done so lets take a look at 10 examples of brands who have been doing it right. Their  approach to... Gimme More »

Why Facebook Commerce Will Work

posted on 18th Apr 2011

This is a follow up post to For & Against Facebook Commerce. Have we Reached a Tipping Point? There is evidence that f-commerce can become a powerful channel for brands in the future. But as the Forrester research points out there may be some reluctance for consumers to use the channel to make purchases - for now. In the previous post I... Gimme More »

SAS Airlines Page deleted, but it was part of the plan!

posted on 14th Apr 2011

I've posted in the past how breaching Facebook's promotional guidelines can result in a page being suspended or deleted. It's not an easy, or cheap task, to get a page reinstated and by breaching those guidelines you run the risk of losing everything you have invested in Facebook. So I thought this campaign for the Scandinavian SAS Airlines was... Gimme More »

For & Against Facebook Commerce

posted on 13th Apr 2011

Will Facebook commerce work? That is the multi billion euro question that has been asked and answered many times in the past few weeks. The success, or failure, of Facebook commerce could have a serious impact not only for brands looking to invest their marketing spend, but also for Facebook which has worked so hard in the last 18 months to create... Gimme More »

Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines

posted on 12th Apr 2011

As a page admin the most important information to know is Facebook's Promotional Guidelines. Fail to comply with these and you could find your page has been suspended or deleted by Facebook. If such an action is taken by Facebook you're at their mercy, getting a page reinstated isn't cheap! Facebook's Promotional Guidelines This link brings you... Gimme More »

Facebook Profile to a Page

posted on 1st Apr 2011

I recall trying to set up my first Page on Facebook, the social network didn't make it too easy. So seeing businesses set up a profile instead of a page was understandable. No one really knew what the benefits to a page over a profile were, as they weren't communicated properly, if anything a Page had less features than a Profile so is it any... Gimme More »

5 Best Facebook Check-in Deals Examples

posted on 31st Mar 2011

Facebook Check-in Deals are accessed via mobile phone and Facebook Places. They shouldn't be confused with Facebook Deals, which don't require a check-in and are accessed via the Facebook Newsfeed.  For more on Facebook Deals see here. Types of Check-in Deals Facebook Check-in Deals officially launched in Ireland today. Deals is a new service... Gimme More »

Neworld on TV and Radio

posted on 28th Mar 2011

I was recently on Alex Gibsons media and marketing show on Dublin City FM. Also on the show were Terry Prone and Alex Fitzgerald editor of Irish Tatler Mens Issue.I was discussing the need for greater fan engagement on Facebook. Download it from here Just before St. Patricks Day, Neworld Director Pat Kinsley made another appearance on RTE's ... Gimme More »

10 Facebook Newsfeed Marketing Tips

posted on 25th Mar 2011

The Facebook newsfeed is the single most important feature of your Facebook page. According to Facebook 85% of fans interact with brands via the newsfeed. That means when fans read your updates, comment or like them, the fan is doing so without visiting your page. That's not to say fans don't or won't visit your page, I'm sure they will if... Gimme More »