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Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines

posted on 12th Apr 2011

As a page admin the most important information to know is Facebook's Promotional Guidelines. Fail to comply with these and you could find your page has been suspended or deleted by Facebook. If such an action is taken by Facebook you're at their mercy, getting a page reinstated isn't cheap! Facebook's Promotional Guidelines This link brings you... Gimme More »

5 Best Facebook Check-in Deals Examples

posted on 31st Mar 2011

Facebook Check-in Deals are accessed via mobile phone and Facebook Places. They shouldn't be confused with Facebook Deals, which don't require a check-in and are accessed via the Facebook Newsfeed.  For more on Facebook Deals see here. Types of Check-in Deals Facebook Check-in Deals officially launched in Ireland today. Deals is a new service... Gimme More »

10 Facebook Newsfeed Marketing Tips

posted on 25th Mar 2011

The Facebook newsfeed is the single most important feature of your Facebook page. According to Facebook 85% of fans interact with brands via the newsfeed. That means when fans read your updates, comment or like them, the fan is doing so without visiting your page. That's not to say fans don't or won't visit your page, I'm sure they will if... Gimme More »

Facebook Fangager: Measure Active Fans

posted on 18th Mar 2011

Earlier today I was a guest on Alex Gibsons show Persuaders on Dublin City FM. We spoke about fan engagement on Facebook and briefly looked at a few examples. The subject of fan engagement was on my mind from an earlier post this week so I thought that might be something good to run with. Fangager Just how engaged are your fans? Or do you... Gimme More »

5 Reasons Why Facebook Fan Numbers Mean Nothing

posted on 16th Mar 2011

Q. How do you measure the success of your Facebook page? Most of the time all people really care about is the amount of fans a page has. It's incredible really, after all these years it still goes back to who is the most popular in the schoolyard. There's a few reasons why using just the number of fans you have as the measure of your page's... Gimme More »

Facebook Case Study: Glenisk Tune Challenge

posted on 14th Mar 2011

This case study has been updated to include new sales data, you can find the update here. The Client Glenisk are Irelands leading producers of organic dairy products. The business is operated by the Cleary family of Killeigh, Co Offaly and is one of the feel good success stories of the economic recession. In 2010 sales growth hit a peak of... Gimme More »

5 Great Uses of Facebook Credits

posted on 9th Mar 2011

Facebook Credits is the virtual currency that's been available on the social network since the beginning of 2010. It's been mostly used to purchase virtual goods and for in-game activities - up until now. It's actually a little unfair to call it a virtual currency, it's becoming more and more real each day. Back in September I posted about how... Gimme More »

Irish Social Media Statistics (Update 3)

posted on 25th Feb 2011

A couple of recent reports by Comscore and Ipsos MRBI into social media usage in Ireland have been recently released (links to sources at the end). They provide the most up to date look at the reach and use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, from an Irish perspective. Update 1 (7/3/11): Facebook section with information... Gimme More »

Social Search: Bing ‘V’ Google

posted on 18th Feb 2011

The turf war between both internet search engines heated up this week as the two companies released the latest updates of two of their search products. The Bing Bar version 7 and an update of Google Social Search aim to integrate the search engines more deeply with social media activities. The amount of time we spend on social media is only... Gimme More »

We Unlike You Because….

posted on 16th Feb 2011

As part of my master's thesis a couple of years ago I conducted research into why people unlike brands on Facebook. The most common reasons given were receiving too many messages from brands (ie. spam), and a second reason I have never seen in other studies since - a brands offline activity affecting how people feel about the brand. This varied... Gimme More »