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Social Media Blog 8: Online Privacy

posted on 13th Apr 2021

Apple’s iOS 14 update is going to disrupt the social media advertising model we know and love. Discussing privacy with your team or clients can be tricky, there’s a lot going on and many ways to interpret and understand. This week we’re going to discuss online data privacy and give you the insight and vocabulary needed to explore the topic... Gimme More »

Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2020

posted on 26th Jan 2021

Welcome to another instalment of our digital and social media marketing review aimed at keeping digital marketers on their toes in 2020. In recent months, Mark Zuckerberg, recovering from multiple fines and sittings in front of the US Congress, delivered the keynote speech for Facebook’s 2019 conference with an emphasis on building a more... Gimme More »

Bringing Digital Art to Life

posted on 25th Mar 2019

Bringing Digital Art to Life When we think of the traditional methods of painting and the necessary tools that artists need to work their craft we think of brushes and paint, canvases and paper. And for me, much of the mood and magic in painting happens when you dip your brush in the paint, lift it to the canvas and the image that you see in... Gimme More »

Add Your Facebook Friends & Photos to Google+

posted on 20th Jul 2011

There's been countless articles posted on Google+ in the last few weeks. Is it a Facebook killer, a Twitter killer, a LinkedIn killer a Foursquare killer? The truth is it's probably none of the above. An interesting stat I picked up on last week was Google's Q2 profits in 2011 coming in at more than Facebook's entire revenue for 2010. If something... Gimme More »

How Google+ Can Succeed: Privacy, Mobile & No Ad’s

posted on 29th Jun 2011

I read through a fairly lengthy article on this morning detailing the last year of progress in delivering the new Google + product. I haven't tested the product yet so these are only my thoughts on how a superior product could compete with Facebook. (There's an early and fairly positive review here.) After the failure of Buzz and Wave to... Gimme More »

Google: Now Search by Image & Voice

posted on 15th Jun 2011

Google is constantly updating its search feature, be it a little tweaking to add signals form social media, or this handy new feature that allows you to search using an image. The image can be one thats already online, one on your desktop just by dragging and dropping. And it's made even faster thanks to a Chrome and Firefox extension, that allow... Gimme More »

Irish Social Media Statistics (May 2011)

posted on 23rd May 2011

Updated June 21st with Foursquare data. I've been collecting data on social media in Ireland since the last post back in February on the Neworld Blog. There's certainly enough new data to warrant an update. Overview Let's start with some attention grabbing headlines; Twitter has almost doubled its Irish accounts Facebook is adding 900 new... Gimme More »

Facebook, Bing & Google: 10 Reasons Why Social Search is Flawed

posted on 18th May 2011

Last October I posted on how Bing and Facebook were going to integrate their search offering, to bring social signals deeper into search results. This week Bing announced even greater integration with Facebook. This raises a number of concerns, which I will go into below. But first lets look at what new Bing features you can expect to... Gimme More »

The Key To Social Media Success

posted on 10th May 2011

If you want social media to work for you, then you have to be prepared to invest time in it. That's the clear message you get from reading the latest Social Media Marketing Report by Michael Stelzner (download the full report). The report is the result of research conducted amongst 3300 marketers (1% from Ireland), and it's the third such report... Gimme More »

Social Search: Bing ‘V’ Google

posted on 18th Feb 2011

The turf war between both internet search engines heated up this week as the two companies released the latest updates of two of their search products. The Bing Bar version 7 and an update of Google Social Search aim to integrate the search engines more deeply with social media activities. The amount of time we spend on social media is only... Gimme More »