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Less grey, more play… Dublin Canvas

posted on 27th Feb 2019

Injecting colour and energy into our streets, transforming the city’s landscape and bringing the joy of art to the people… Dublin Canvas is a community art project that delivers on so many levels. The project takes previously dull public spaces and transforms them into works of art. Showcasing the talents of people from all walks of life.... Gimme More »

All in a Name

posted on 7th Jan 2019

Arriving back at Dublin airport after your travels is never easy, especially when you have left the winter sunshine behind only to be replaced with the ever-present dull grey skies of Dublin. But something did manage to lift my spirits (momentarily at least!) while making the journey home after Christmas. The exhibition ‘All in a Name’ is... Gimme More »

Let’s Get Mischievous

posted on 21st Sep 2018

Last Monday, I was asked by NewsTalk’s Henry McKean to comment on Paddy Power’s Museum of Mischief and where the bookmaker company has come from a branding point of view. And it got me thinking about the rampant entrepreneurial spirit in the 1980s from which the brand was born. 30 years ago, there was a hunger by Irish businessmen/women... Gimme More »

John Gilroy for Guinness: Four Corners and Some Vision

posted on 15th Aug 2018

John Gilroy in his studio
Long before 'The Compton Cowboys' trotted on to our screens, before the ‘The Dancing Man’ mesmerised us in 1994 and even before those wonderfully bizarre Rutger Hauer ‘Pure Genius’ advertisements of the 80s, came the revolutionary talent of John Gilroy. John Gilroy, an art director with London agency S.H. Benson, transformed the... Gimme More »

Place Branding and Why It Matters

posted on 8th Jun 2018

How do you choose the destination of your next holiday? Are you Pinteresting beachy destinations? Looking at travel Instagram accounts for inspiration or asking friends and family for suggestions? What you’re probably not thinking is the plethora of places around the world that are all vying for your attention. Why? Well there's the economic... Gimme More »

Bloomin’ Brilliant – Our Irish Producers showcase their best

posted on 5th Jun 2018

What’s that old line again - sur’ if we got the weather here in Ireland you would never go abroad! Well, I think this bank holiday no one did, unless you call travelling up from all corners of the country to Dublin for the weekend as ‘going away’. This past weekend the city was hopping with exciting events from Forbidden Fruit to the... Gimme More »

Connect engage and build relationship

posted on 23rd May 2018

We live in a fast moving, action packed world. Bombarded on a daily basis with messages, "likes", "emojis" and hashtags. This creates a challenge for brands to engage and create a human connection amongst all this noise and for the brand to try to create an emotional connection with their audience. A company that recently caught my eye is... Gimme More »

Donnybrook House Building Wrap

posted on 10th Nov 2015

Donnybrook House Building Wrap... The Building Wrap our Glenn beautifully designed for Donnybrook House made it into Design Week... YAY! Looks great, even if we do say so ourselves... Have a read » Gimme More »

Breaking Brands Bash

posted on 22nd Nov 2013

We opened the doors of our refurbished studio for our Breaking Brands Bash... it was hugely successful and great fun too! The seminar was entitled ‘Breaking Brands’ and discussed just how important a role branding really plays in helping Irish businesses break... Gimme More »

Search Engine Optimisation (or There’s no point in being online if your audience can’t find you) Part 1

posted on 3rd Oct 2011

Four years ago I wrote an article for a magazine about the basics of search engine optimistation. I stumbled on the text again recently and was surprised to see how much is still relevant, at least in terms of the basic principles, so relevant I thought it worth revisiting for a blog post. I have updated some elements of the text – I don’t... Gimme More »