News/Blog Author: Steve Grunert

When is the time right to update your packaging?

posted on 7th Mar 2019

Keeping your packaging fresh and up to date will keep your brand where you want it to be. Seen, purchased and loved by your target audience. And as you probably know by now, you may currently be the brand leader but it’s only a matter of time before your competitors are nipping at your heels. So, if your competitor has just refreshed, and you... Gimme More »

Interview: The Art of Foodstyling with Johan van der Merwe

posted on 30th Jan 2019

Johan van der Merwe is one of our "go to" food and drink stylists here at Neworld. His beautifully loose, effortless style brings a delicious flair to the shots his work produces. He has worked with prestigious brands like Guinness, Jameson, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Heinz, KFC and Aldi to name but a few. As a Chef he holds a BA in... Gimme More »

What does Christmas Down Under taste like?

posted on 17th Dec 2018

Christmas is a funny thing Down Under. No one quite knows how best to celebrate it. The traditionalists try to mimic their European forefathers and put their turkeys in the oven, heating up the house nicely on a traditionally sweltering hot day and sweating their way through Christmas dinner. Nice! (That’s Aussie sarcasm by the way). Others... Gimme More »

Attract Millennials to your Brand: Reduce Packaging Waste, Increase Recyclability

posted on 12th Nov 2018

A definite hot topic in 2018 in the world of packaging is packaging waste. I was recently at a Bord Bia hosted night about the buying habits of millennials and how to attract their business. It spoke in depth on how this age group places great importance on the ethics and recyclability of the brands they purchase. So if your brand is to appeal to... Gimme More »

Unlock Your Creative Side

posted on 16th Oct 2018

I’ve always been intrigued with creative thinking- how to best tap into that creative part of my brain and make creativity a reliable habit. I recently purchased the book Hegarty on Creativity by one of the world’s top advertising creatives Sir John Hegarty. The book makes some interesting and amusing points on how best to tap into your... Gimme More »

Is Craftsmanship Dead?

posted on 10th Sep 2018

I’ve always had a real soft spot for anything that shows true craftsmanship. Nothing compares to the attention to detail of something handcrafted, whether it’s a precision handmade piece of boutique furniture or the sheer quality and longevity of a pair of handmade shoes. The precision and skill required always impresses me no end. My... Gimme More »

Client Question: How do you assess category cues and how important are they?

posted on 10th Aug 2018

Firstly let’s break this down into layman’s terms - what is a category cue, I hear you ask? Category cues are the expected design elements and information or colours that allow a product to sit in a category and visually be “one of the gang.” Your customers are subconsciously aware of category cues in any given category. For example, in... Gimme More »

10 Top Tips for a Bonza Barbeque Bonanza!

posted on 9th Jul 2018

Strewth mate, it’s hotter than a shearer’s armpit don't ya reckon? So if you're feeling drier than the Simpson Desert and as hungry as a vegetarian at an Aussie barbeque convention, it's time to crack open a cold one and crank up the Barbie. Let’s take a look at my top tips on what makes a great barbeque Australian style. Top Tip 1:... Gimme More »

Boxerchips – Making Packaging Innovation Fly

posted on 7th Jun 2018

I was on a Ryanair flight recently when after ordering a pack of crisps I was presented with the novel crisp concept of “Boxerchips”. I had encountered this Irish brand many moons ago, when I ordered a pack with my pint of Guinness at Grogan’s Pub. Basically “Boxerchips” are a plastic wrapped cardboard box of delicious handmade... Gimme More »

Create a truly delicious package – Ireland’s top food photographers tell their trade secrets.

posted on 8th May 2018

Whether it’s a tasty piece of typography or some mouthwateringly juicy food photography, there are numerous ways to create a drool-worthy piece of packaging that will tempt your potential customer into purchase. So today we’ve decided to ask two of Ireland’s top Food Photographers, Trevor Hart and Dave Campbell, what their top tips are to... Gimme More »