News/Blog Author: Sean Deignan

Brand Stretch – The Odd Couple

posted on 14th Mar 2019

Sometimes a brand can become so synonymous with a particular product, it can be difficult to imagine it being used on anything else. It’s understandable that when a brand is successful, a decision is made to allow it to be licensed on different products. This can be both a related, relevant product and also completely unrelated product. Referred... Gimme More »

Cold Pressed to Impress

posted on 7th Feb 2019

It is the end of January and we are still in the realm of New Year Resolutions. Everything from ‘Operation Transformation’ to ‘Dry January’, renewed Gym memberships and Vegan lifestyles have all been mooted as suggestions for a ‘New Year, New You’. These are all very well-meaning but for the most part can be a little difficult to... Gimme More »

Smart Speaker, Smart Branding

posted on 2nd Jan 2019

It’s first day back to work for 2019! Yet another Christmas has bitten the dust but it’s ok folks, just another 360 days until the madness of the next one. Even with all the advance notice, there was still the last minute trudge to cover everything and everyone on ‘The Xmas List’, trying to find that perfect present. Over the years,... Gimme More »

The Perks of Coffee Packaging

posted on 16th Nov 2018

Our obsession with coffee continues! A veritable plethora of coffee shops have opened here in Dublin in the past 5 years. Dublin has now over 50 Starbucks alone, while the chain in Ireland has more per head of population than anywhere else in Europe. Add to this an increasing number of mono-named, contemporary/hipster brew-houses staffed only by... Gimme More »

The Power of a Symbol

posted on 17th Oct 2018

Last August, a mysterious symbol began to appear in a variety of locations throughout the world. These included London, New York, Turin and Tokyo amongst others. The unique implementation of this symbol made it all the more intriguing - applied in an almost otherworldly, celestial fashion akin to crop circles. It was also unsupported by any text... Gimme More »

Using Pastels for Packaging Impact

posted on 17th Sep 2018

Today on shelf, it is easy to find packaging using a variety of different colours, substrates and finishes. Of these, colour use is normally confined to using the full-colour process palette. This includes Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black along with the use of Pantone colours. However, one of the more underrated uses of colour on packaging is... Gimme More »

A Love Supreme

posted on 17th Aug 2018

Last Monday, 13th of August, the inhabitants of New York City awoke to a brand phenomenon Their local newspaper, the New York Post, was on sale as usual but did not look as usual. Its iconic front cover was completely clear of sensationalist headlines and photos, featuring two things only: the Masthead and in the centre, a little red box... Gimme More »

Staying Ice-Cream Cool with Hot Design

posted on 17th Jul 2018

Record temperatures, packed beaches and smiley happy people - Ireland in June 2018 has been (to borrow from The Merrymen) feeling hot, hot, hot. However, if sunburns, water shortages and sweaty commutes are getting to you, consolation comes as an excuse to consume copious amounts of ice-cream! So, here we go through some of the more interesting... Gimme More »

Jamie Oliver goes snap, crackle and pop at Cereal

posted on 15th Jun 2018

Recently, celebrity TV chef and author Jamie Oliver and a group of British MPs called for a ban on the use of cartoon characters on children’s food packaging, primarily sugary cereals. This ban was to specifically cover “brand generated characters or Licensed TV & Film characters” and their use, in Oliver’s words, “to peddle... Gimme More »

Pack structures – Enhancing Consumer Experience

posted on 16th May 2018

Over recent years, there have been many advances within the design and print industry with regard to packaging production. Substrates, print quality and finishes have all made incremental strides and improvements, all in tune with increased consumer expectation. However, pack structures, particularly those for a mass market, have been a little... Gimme More »