News/Blog Author: Rashima Sharma

Every wall is an opportunity!

posted on 2nd Apr 2019

Every time I waltz into a place I always look out for its walls. Walls that have vibrancy, some history and maybe, a message. It’s the best way to familiarise myself with the energy of a town, a city, and its people. And, the riot of colours, splashed across, is quite uplifting! Growing up in India in the 90s, I was accustomed to seeing city... Gimme More »

Bring out the comical side of your Brand

posted on 22nd Feb 2019

Have you considered using comics or comic-like visual content in your brand storytelling efforts? If not, then let’s talk about it today- once in a while your brand should show that it's not afraid to get creative. Why ‘Comics’? Comics are an entirely different beast from written words. Comics are heavily geared toward visual storytelling... Gimme More »

How are you ‘Brandishing’ your Logo?

posted on 17th Jan 2019

The nature of my work has me take stock of all the happenings in the branding world - what brands are thriving and what brands are going for a facelift! Also, to identify whether a trend is a fad or a timeless technique. Having said that, it’s quite tricky to pick the long-lasting trends from the vast sea of great work. However, after reading... Gimme More »

Hot food in cold weather

posted on 3rd Dec 2018

Exactly 5 months ago, I traded the sunny shores of India for the cobbled streets of Dublin. So far I haven't been doing too bad adjusting to the rainy Irish weather and the interesting cultural mishmash. Dabbling in the different music and arts has been fun so far.  However, while I have been open to trying out different foods, my palate takes... Gimme More »