News/Blog Author: Mary Helow

Why I will choose your competitor over you

posted on 3rd Jan 2019

Putting your customer first truly makes a difference On a recent trip to the US, I was exposed to 2 very different experiences from the same American airline. For whatever reason, the ticket purchased did not include a checked bag (on an international flight - are you kidding me?), nor did it allow me to choose a seat without shelling out... Gimme More »

Is no brand the new brand?

posted on 27th Nov 2018

Italic recently launched a $13 million investment and a waiting list of 100K eager shoppers. They’re a members-only club offering luxury products without the shiny logos. Or high price tags. They partner with factories around the world who make luxury products for high-end brands like Prada, Burberry and La Mer. Italic creates products using... Gimme More »

I vote for better election posters!

posted on 30th Oct 2018

While doing my civic duty and heading to the polls Friday morning I couldn’t help but question ‘those posters’, whose sole purpose is to entice, sway or confirm my opinion. Why do they all look the same? Why are they so outdated? Why don’t they actually consider the power of design? Perhaps I’m slightly jaded as my life is... Gimme More »

It takes a village (the right team) to build a brand

posted on 19th Sep 2018

Your business has many facets and a variety of talent within its walls. The main players might include CEO, sales/marketing, finance, technology, product development and administration - all working together to make your business a success. Your branding partners also have a team of specialists all working together to create new and captivating... Gimme More »

Client Question: Are brand guidelines important?

posted on 22nd Aug 2018

Brand guidelines define how a brand exists and communicates. Yes, they are important! And there are a few reasons why: Clarity Firstly, brand guidelines provide an understanding of your business. What your brand represents – from its purpose to its visual identity – should be meticulously constructed. Brand guidelines are the... Gimme More »

What can hotels learn from cruise ships?

posted on 19th Jul 2018

While I understand it’s not for everyone, I have to admit that cruises have come a long way in the past 30 years. My first trip was to the Caribbean at 13 and the only activity for a kid my age was a tiny box room with a few arcade games thrown in (granted I was a complete Galaga and Donkey Kong addict so no complaints there). Fast... Gimme More »

What’s In a Name?

posted on 19th Jun 2018

Whether you’re starting from scratch or trying to reinvent yourself, the name you give your business is critical. It’s often the very first impression you make on potential customers, competitors and ultimately the commercial universe. It’s also the trickiest part of brand development. It’s emotive - therefore subjective - and very... Gimme More »

5 components of a visual identity

posted on 18th May 2018

Whether starting from scratch or breathing new life into an established organisation, the areas of consideration for brand building may seem exhausting. From defining your strategic positioning to navigating the competitive landscape to in-depth analysis of your audiences to defining your visual identity - it can seem a bit overwhelming. So... Gimme More »

Great wine or great design?

posted on 16th Apr 2018

I got my tattoo on Haight Street in San Francisco in 1996, at the very wise age of 25. I wasn’t trying to be rebellious or exert my independence. I was deeply drawn to the design: it’s a bit dark and edgy yet the way the claws, wing tails and beaks tuck together feels safe. And the circular device seems eternal – almost like a mantra of... Gimme More »