News/Blog Author: Lorna Ryan McKeon

Her apron strings and her purse…

posted on 4th Apr 2019

‘The Purse’ tells the true story of two Wales fans, brothers David and Gareth Rees, who keep the memory of their late mother Olive alive by following Wales in the Guinness Six Nations. Olive left her sons an inheritance on the sole condition that it was used to follow their beloved Wales, as well use her favourite Welsh Dragon purse which... Gimme More »

Less grey, more play… Dublin Canvas

posted on 27th Feb 2019

Injecting colour and energy into our streets, transforming the city’s landscape and bringing the joy of art to the people… Dublin Canvas is a community art project that delivers on so many levels. The project takes previously dull public spaces and transforms them into works of art. Showcasing the talents of people from all walks of life.... Gimme More »

A pub with no beer?

posted on 22nd Jan 2019

What is the world coming to? Ireland’s first permanent alcohol-free bar, The Virgin Mary, is due to open from mid-February. Unheard of until now, what would my grandad, Mathew Ryan, think of it? I’d have a fair guess - he’s turning in the grave! A sin. After all, this was the man who upon retirement made his life long dream come true and... Gimme More »

Make it Special – ring any ‘jungle’ bells?

posted on 6th Dec 2018

I love Christmas don't get me wrong, but as a designer the thought of Christmas mid-July sends shivers. It’s pretty much greeted with ‘bah humbug'. Another Christmas… how to create something different? To me, clever design should deliver a strong creative message and without too much effort or fuss. Here's some design... Gimme More »

If the walls could talk

posted on 2nd Nov 2018

Once upon a time, there was a castle. This was no ordinary Castle. This was a city castle, complete with a ghost… Intrigued? We certainly were. What a pleasure it was to work with Clontarf Castle Hotel… and set about sharing their gallant story. As a building whose origins date back to 1172, Clontarf Castle has its fair share of history and... Gimme More »

The countdown’s begun! 5 of my favourite John Lewis Christmas Adverts

posted on 3rd Oct 2018

I never really paid much attention to Christmas ads growing up. Looking back, I guess Coca-Cola had established a style back in ‘god knows when’ and that was “the Christmas look" everyone followed. That is until that Christmas when everything changed. John Lewis, and the geniuses behind their powerful campaigns, brought back the magic! The... Gimme More »

Creative People Are Complex – 10 Contradictory Traits in Creative People

posted on 3rd Sep 2018

Dublin born Aoife Dooley blew me away in her 10-minute ‘tazz-like’ explosion onto the big stage for Offset earlier this year. OMG what a character! Bigger than life and oozing charm, wit and honesty, she glowed on the stage. And at only 28 what a career she’s carved for herself… Illustrator, Author, Comedian, Graphic Designer, Creator of... Gimme More »

Design that’s set tails wagging

posted on 2nd Aug 2018

A tiny coffee shop in a tiny town, Little Wolf is no Starbucks. But as a brand with buckets full of character, it goes to show that a bit of personality goes a long way. In a world of brands clamouring for attention with bold graphics and loud shouty design, its charming illustrations connect on a whole other level. From the minute I clapped eyes... Gimme More »

The Secret to Happiness

posted on 3rd Jul 2018

Ireland may be emerging like a Phoenix from the ashes but it is obvious that there’s been a huge shift in attitudes since the Celtic Tiger. People are tired with the unrealistic and unattainable.  As a nation we may be a rock in the Atlantic but right now Ireland’s shining ‘bright like a diamond’. We’re being seen in a new light and... Gimme More »

Stark Crazy! Embracing the WTF moments

posted on 1st Jun 2018

A late comer to Offset, I popped along for the first time this year, not knowing what to expect. For me it was a casually confident guy called Richard Brim from Adam&Eve/DDB that stole the show - him and our very own Aoife Dooley!  A total natural, he was born to talk with an attitude that was infectious. In a world that... Gimme More »