News/Blog Author: Lorna McWeeney

Edible-insect packaging: It’s worm in here!

posted on 12th Mar 2019

Zirp insects: Front and back of box.
What is highly nutritious, low in fat, environmentally sustainable, popular with 2 billion people worldwide and has six legs? The original superfood! Edible-insects might be the protein of the future - can tasteful packaging help us stomach that? The earth's population is predicted to swell beyond 9 billion by 2050, further draining the... Gimme More »

Christmas Cards from the Edge

posted on 19th Dec 2018

Shut up and shift me
Christmas time - soooomething, sooomething and wine! Tomorrow (the 20th) is the deadline for sending cards to your Irish pals (you are far too late for your friends out foreign. Forget them. They left you.) With that in mind, let’s have a look at the good, the bad and the tacky Christmas cards that our own Irish designers have created to satisfy... Gimme More »

Illustrator Jean Jullien: A Lesson in Simplicity

posted on 14th Nov 2018

The simple yet sublime work of illustrator Jean Jullien stands out against the visual clutter of our daily newsfeeds. His work reminds us that concept is king and, when it comes to conveying a message, substance is as artistically satisfying as style. The term ‘illustrator’ doesn’t quite encompass the breadth of work of France-born,... Gimme More »

World first for the beer industry: Carlsberg sticks it to plastic waste with its packaging re-design

posted on 14th Sep 2018

Carlsberg Snap Pack
Last week, beer-giant, Carlsberg, announced that it is taking a bold step against the amount of plastic waste it generates by changing a 50-year-old element of its packaging. As part of its ongoing sustainability pledge, Together Towards Zero, Carlsberg’s ‘world first for the beer industry’ is an eco-friendly six-pack redesign called... Gimme More »

John Gilroy for Guinness: Four Corners and Some Vision

posted on 15th Aug 2018

John Gilroy in his studio
Long before 'The Compton Cowboys' trotted on to our screens, before the ‘The Dancing Man’ mesmerised us in 1994 and even before those wonderfully bizarre Rutger Hauer ‘Pure Genius’ advertisements of the 80s, came the revolutionary talent of John Gilroy. John Gilroy, an art director with London agency S.H. Benson, transformed the... Gimme More »

Crouching cyclist, hidden bear: The best hidden messages in everyday logos

posted on 13th Jul 2018

Museum of London logo
Teeling Whiskey Have you heard about the bird? I was enlightened about the meaning behind this whiskey’s logo during a tour of their Dublin 8 HQ. At a glance you might pass this logo over as a gothic bird in flight - something akin to the tattoo your boyfriend got on his Leaving Cert. holiday perhaps. The bird is, upon sober inspection, a... Gimme More »

Packaging: Limited Edition = Unlimited Potential

posted on 13th Jun 2018

Limited edition packaging can be a great way to entice consumers, both established and new, to buy. Often of a higher quality than the brand’s standard packaging, the limited edition version is more appealing, splurge-worthy and satisfying to own. The limited edition design is the ideal opportunity for a brand to take bold leaps to make a... Gimme More »

Building a Brand Name: Learn from the Leaders

posted on 14th May 2018

Building a Brand Name: Learn from the Leaders
One of the earliest decisions you make when establishing your brand is an obvious one: the name! It’s such a basic ingredient of your business that it’s easy to overlook the full potential of an effective name. Conversely, a poor name will do your company no favours and may cost you down the line. Let’s take a look at what we can learn from... Gimme More »

Top of the pack-ing order: How Packaging Influences Consumers

posted on 10th Apr 2018

The influence of packaging on consumers.
Your mother may have told you that it’s what's inside that counts, but when it comes to selling your product, it’s a superficial world! Your product’s packaging design will directly impact its retail performance. Each exterior element represents your brand and the product inside, communicating vital information with your target audience... Gimme More »