News/Blog Author: Glenn Bolton

Sleeping Flags

posted on 19th Feb 2019

Not too long ago, while sipping on a flat white. Gazing out a café window and people watching, a poster caught my eye. Why? Well it's been a while since a poster has cut through the noise of blockbusters, pantos, politicians and protest placards. Humbly sitting shoulder to shoulder with these posters, its monotone message simply read "You are... Gimme More »

Grammar Vigilante

posted on 14th Jan 2019

Whilst graphic designers aren't the best spellers in the world, they're known for being sticklers for detail. One of our greatest flaws is never being able to switch off. When out and about there could be any number of design crimes that make our hearts sink, our brows furrow and our eyes twinge! Thankfully, there's a hero among us - The Grammar... Gimme More »

Neworlds Top 5 Calendars

posted on 28th Nov 2018

It's that time of year when we're all counting down to Santy! And once he's come and gone, we're all planning fresh new starts, and opening up the first pages of our brand new, fresh paper smelling, custom lined bespoke covered Moleskin notebooks... Well, us designers are anyway. What better time than this to buy an Advent Calendar or plan ahead... Gimme More »


posted on 26th Oct 2018

Walking around Dublin, depending on how observant you are, you may have noticed some strange, little lost stickers. If you haven't keep an eye on the lookout for street signs, lamp posts and power boxes. These little unique stickers are bound to brighten up your day. Here's Albatros - the man behind it all to tell us about the project. Keep... Gimme More »

Top Five Flicks for Designers

posted on 24th Aug 2018

There comes a time when everyone burns the candle at both ends. A point where no matter how long you spend staring at a screen, nothing will happen. Every last bit of creative juice has been squeezed. There’s nothing you can do other than leave the desk, switch off and reboot. Here are Neworld's top 5 flicks to switch off to: 1)... Gimme More »

Five bespoke typefaces we want to get our hands on!

posted on 27th Jul 2018

I recently read an article in It's Nice That, an online design magazine, by Nayoung Kim talking about custom typefaces and if they are worth the hype: Custom is a magic word. Everyone wants to be unique, different, special. In an increasingly homogeneous globalised world, we crave exclusivity and individuality. Customisation allows for... Gimme More »

That Big Gay Flag

posted on 27th Jun 2018

Seeing as my last blog was all about Vexillology and with the weekend that’s in it, I thought I’d let you all know about Gilbert Baker! Who? ...Gilbert Baker was an American artist, gay rights activist, and the designer of the rainbow flag, living in the capital of the LGBT world, San Francisco. Baker first created the Rainbow Flag... Gimme More »


posted on 24th Apr 2018

Wha!? … Vex-ill-ology; The study of flags. I’ve always been drawn to flags and to me the reasons are clear. Much like a brand or brandmark, flags are a way of uniting a set of people, identifying them as one and different to the rest. Much like a brandmark the design of a flag must be 1) simple 2) use a limited colour palette 3) unique 4)... Gimme More »