News/Blog Author: Gary Gleeson

Apple does it again nailing WFH

posted on 22nd Jul 2020

I suppose it helps to have a big budget but Apple continually hit the nail on the head when it comes to getting into the heads of it's consumers. They do a great parody of our Covid 19 lives working from home (WFH) and all the chaos it can bring while also showing off how amazing their tech can perform to adapt. 6 mins 55 seconds enjoy! Gimme More »

What’s in a name? Taxi!

posted on 8th Mar 2019

When Hailo came on the scene in Dublin it was an instant success. Founded in London in 2011, the taxi ordering app was simple and brilliantly clever. Order your taxi on the app with the push of a button, Hailo then knew where you were. And you could also see where they were and how long till it arrived! Gone were the frustrating “Where’s my... Gimme More »

Dinner violation for Rafa Nadel – Integrated branding

posted on 1st Feb 2019

Anyone sitting on their couch down-under watching the Australian Open tennis final on channel 9 last Sunday would have been very surprised to see in the middle of a break between games that Rafa Nadal seemed to order takeout! Strewth, what’s that fella doing? It was, in fact, a very clever “integrated” television... Gimme More »

How the Irish are influencing tech

posted on 20th Nov 2018

I’m just two weeks back from the Web Summit so I’ve had time to reflect on this year's Lisbon extravaganza. This annual meeting of the tech community keeps growing and growing with figures reaching 75,000 attendees now. The Irish begrudgers have long since been silenced as they realised that Dublin and the RDS could never have let it grow to... Gimme More »

Drinking with celebrities

posted on 11th Oct 2018

With the launch of Conor McGregors “Proper No. Twelve Whiskey” there’s a growing trend with celebrities to create their own range of spirit drinks. It definitly launched to mixed reviews and some would say a cynical exercise to cash in on his current fame. Lots of celebrities have tried this to lesser or greater success; Danny Devito’s... Gimme More »

The Ryder Cup – team branding gives them the edge

posted on 12th Sep 2018

First played in 1927 and named after English seed merchant Samuel Ryder, the Ryder Cup, organized jointly by Ryder Cup Europe and PGA, is a biennial golf tournament that pits twelve-player teams of Europe and the United States against each other. The venue for the Ryder Cup alternates between European and American cities with the last having been... Gimme More »

Hoteliers – the right brand partners with the right experience will help you sleep at night!

posted on 13th Aug 2018

Branding is a strange business to be in. Most clients want you to have experience in their sector... but not too much experience. If you are designing a whisky bottle, it’s great if you’ve worked with a few small, local distilleries. But if you have worked for their biggest rival it can be a no-no. At Neworld, we have decades of... Gimme More »

FIFA World Cup – Serious about design

posted on 11th Jul 2018

If you were ever in doubt what a behemoth the World Cup is from a branding point of view have a browse through the website. Under the marketing section there are pages and pages about protecting the brand, the do’s and don’ts and how important it is to safeguard their brand. Fifa's Brand Protection As FIFA is proud to inform... Gimme More »

Get Designers On Board, Not Boring Design

posted on 11th Jun 2018

Ideally a board should have a diversity of specialists such as finance, marketing, tech. But until more designers sit at the table, the business of design will not be taken seriously at the highest level. The same can be said for design businesses - small agencies should have business mentors, and larger agencies should have a board structure... Gimme More »

The wrong hotel restaurant branding can eat your lunch!

posted on 10th May 2018

There is one thing that you can usually rely on - hotel restaurants are going to be overpriced, bland affairs, disappointing in their food offer and decor. The corporate traveller who has arrived late takes up the receptionist’s suggestion to dine in the hotel restaurant only to end up sitting alone in a vast, empty space with charming... Gimme More »