Stop shouting, be confident and stand out with a whisper…

posted on 6th Apr 2018 by Steve Grunert

It’s amazing how fashion repeats itself and the same can be said for design. Back in my early days, brands were simpler because they had to be. Technology was against us, but the beauty was in the simplicity. Logos were graphic and drawn with Rotring pens. Next we started to polish them a little with airbrushes. Then with the invention of desktop publishing, things were advancing – soon we could render our brands in their full shiny CGI’ed glory. Everything was going swimmingly, but then the recession hit and marketeers began to panic – we must make our brands shout more, more, MORE!!! …..Jeez, stop guys, you’re all giving me a headache, it’s all too much!

Is it possible your brand is trying to shout too loudly? By assessing who your competitors are and whether your shelf space is busy with other brands all trying to out-shout each other, it might just be that your brand could be better served by being quieter, classier, more understated and confident. Let’s take a look at how some of the world’s top brands have gone full circle and gone right back to their simple minimalist roots to achieve real standout in their marketplace.

Audi in the not too distant past were all chrome and bevels on their branding but have recently “repackaged” their cars with the original 70’s version of their logo. Clean, crisp and graphic, it just looks so much cooler and more confident than the bells and whistles version.

Mini have also just simplified their look, above shows before and after, and again, less is definitely more.

So maybe this minimal thing is starting to filter into the packaging world? Coke’s new Diet range is beautifully simple.

And what’s the best way to stand out against a busier ice-cream competitor? Keep it simple.

Personally, in the shouty world of craft beer, I’ve always found the simple rolling waves of Sharp’s packaging an emphatic reason to purchase and they have huge shelf presence in an extremely busy marketplace.

So if you’re finding your brand is struggling to be heard in an overly cluttered environment, our advice is to… stop shouting, be confident and stand out with a whisper.


Steve Grunert, Creative Director.
Steve has a wealth of experience working some of Ireland’s most successful brands such as Flahavan’s, Barry’s Tea, Glenisk, Franciscan Well Brewery, Irish Pride, The Jelly Bean Factory and Aldi Supermarkets to name but a few. His love of all things food has helped him guide clients to the right packaging solutions, helping them to find their own distinct point of difference on shelf. If he’s not slaving away the latest packaging solution he’ll be out the back, firing up the barbeque and feeding the Neworld troops full of gourmet delights!