365 Tips on Blogging

7th Jan, 2011

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms there is. It’s straightforward and simple for users (clients are surprised when I tell them it takes the same amount of work to send an email as write a blog post), its robust and powerful enough for heavy users, and there’s a constant stream of new plug-ins and widgets to give your blog more features.

But the strength of the WordPress platform is not really an issue. The perceived future of the blog is. For the last couple of years the end of the blog and blogging has been flagged by some, (the earliest post I found on this is over 4 years old). It hasn’t actually arrived. Blogs are the unpopular social media cousin to Twitter and Facebook. People may tweet, or share on Facebook, but what they tweet and share is still content and more often than not that content still comes from somewhere – usually from a frequently updated website. Which is all a blog really is, a website that is regularly updated.

As a way to encourage people to blog more, especially non professional and personal bloggers, WordPress launched The Daily Post. It’s a challenge to bloggers to try and post once a day, or week, to their blog. However, with this challenge also comes a daily post from WordPress with tips on how to maintain a high post rate. It’s a really nice idea that has some great little tips on blogging, including technical shortcuts and what to do if your on the road and away from your blog. They promise lots more insights and interviews with ‘rockstar’ bloggers. It’s still only Jan 7 and with 358 tips, ideas and motivational posts left to come, this will build into a fantastic resource for any blogger or would be blogger out there.

Check it out for yourself here or sign up to the challenge here.