Santa’s Bean Cam: Live on Facebook

13th Dec, 2010

This Wednesday we get to try out something a little bit different for a client, The Jelly Bean Factory. From 3pm Santa will be broadcasting live on their Facebook page, chatting with fans and giving away loads of Jelly Bean Factory products.

The prizes for two of the competitions are a bit unusual to say the least. The first is to show how ‘Crackers you are about Christmas’ to win a year supply of jelly beans. The second is to invent a new flavour jelly bean – it can be any flavour imaginable. The winning choice will also be named by the fan who came up with it and the Factory will produce it as a limited edition run next year. The press release is below.

Check it out for yourself this Wednesday at The Jelly Bean Factory’s Facebook Page.

Ireland Strikes Secret Santa Deal

Out of the depths of all the doom and gloom there’s finally something sweet that Ireland can share with the world and what better man to deliver the news than Santa Claus himself!!! Yes, for one day only our jolly bearded buddy will be at the Jelly Bean Factory’s headquarters in Ireland on Wednesday 15th December, coming to you live via the Jelly Bean Factory’s Bean Cam on Facebook ( During this Six-hour Santathon, you’ll be able to talk to the Big Man himself, share your favourite Christmas moments, enter a host of fabulously festive competitions and get the chance to win loads and loads of juicy jelly beans.

And that’s not all! Santa needs your help! He’s asking you to create the Ultimate Jelly Bean Flavour! The lucky winner will work with the Jelly Bean Factory Bean Creators to bring their winning whacky flavour to life. They’ll also get the chance to christen it too with their own name… while the most Christmas Crackers fan will win a years’ supply of Jelly Bean Factory gourmet jelly beans!