Tweekaboo - Archived Work from 2013

Because every moment counts

We developed the Web interface to market and drive traffic to the App. Functionality is key....

Our Challenge

Tweekaboo is a free to use iPhone App providing a new type of social network for parents to record and share family moments privately via an online journal. Tweekaboo makes it easy to capture, save and privately share the wonderful story of your child’s life.

We were invited to work with the Tweekaboo brand to create an attractive proposition for investors. Our brief was to develop the brand concept, and from there take the brand to market.

Brand Development

The objective at this early stage was to reach out to users and to find out what they wanted from the Tweekaboo proposition in terms of services and functionality.

We developed an online survey to conduct qualitative research on user attitudes to the Tweekaboo brand and the product proposition. Survey respondents were asked to identify add-on products/ services that they would be willing to pay for. Survey respondents indicated an enthusiastic and positive response to the brand and its proposition.

The results of this investigation served to identify possible revenue generating models for the brand. Our analysis identified a number of functional elements that respondents wanted to be improved.

Interface Design

Working closely with the client though a process of design iterations, we developed a beautiful interface that supports a rich feature set for regular visitors but also is inviting and welcoming for first time users.

The Tweekaboo personality is extended into the application through a layered and angled layout effect to create depth and interest in the display of images, descriptions and comments. We are currently working on web banners in line with 2013 marketing activity for Tweekaboo and developing the analytics capabilities.

Investor Presentation

The next stage was to develop a mechanism to introduce Tweekaboo to potential investors, partners and associate brands.

Our brief was to design a communication device to communicate the attractiveness and viability of this project as an exciting high potential investment opportunity. The corporate message delivered immediately identifies with the opportunities presented by this niche market audience and reaches out to parents of young children, (mums, in particular). The video presentation has been well received by investors.

Skills used on this project were:

Brand Development / Corporate Identity / Logo Design / Web Design / Digital Presentation