Port of Waterford - Archived Work from 2016

Brings You Closer

Reinvigorating a challenger brand in a competitive B2B industry

Port of Waterford

As a key element of an overall strategic review, Port of Waterford came to us to re-establish its rightful place in the market. It needed to strengthen its position as a serious contender in an industry dominated by a very small number of key players. To compete on both a national and international playing field it needed to raise its profile and clearly define its proposition.

Our solution

With a heavy industry focus on functionality we had to balance purpose with a powerful positioning that would connect with staff, customers and also the surrounding Waterford region. The result unites both the tangible physical assets and location with a much deeper, emotive component – “Brings You Closer”.

We captured this in a robust brandmark that is layered with heritage. Three coils of a rope play tribute to the three rivers that meet in Waterford – together composing a memorable “W”.

Most importantly, the rope ties the local community to the Port – a visual representation of our new positioning. In contrast to the clichéd use of blue in maritime brands we chose a bold red with strong, dynamic secondary graphics that take inspiration from nautical flags. Balancing this is the local, human element of the brand – an emphasis on a warm photography style and an open, approachable tone of voice.