Odaios - Archived Work from 2014

A Greek Odyssey!

Brand Design
Food & Beverage

Key insights were used to shape the brand offering and ultimately its own unique positioning in the marketplace...

Our Challenge

This fresh faced new brand approached us to partner with them on their epicurean journey to deliver exquisite, high end foods ingredients to the Irish hospitality industry.

We really wanted to find out what made Odaios’ customers tick so we carried out in depth interviews with a wide cross section of their clients, from Michelin starred chefs such as Kevin Thornton, to bustling three star hotels. These key insights were used to shape the brand offering and ultimately its own unique positioning in the marketplace. A unique set of brand values was then created to act as a solid foundation for the Odaios brand and an honest reflection of its true personality.

Our Solution

We had to be extremely careful with the creative approach. We chose a simple, clean, uncluttered solution, which was all about letting the food speak for itself. Odaios carried such a wide range of gourmet and artisanal food ingredients sourced from all over the world – the brandmark had to work in synergy with each and every product without detracting from the product’s exclusive food credentials. The brand mark and design system has been rolled out across a myriad of different comms platforms from brochures to exhibition stands to vans and trucks.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been working with this brand for 11 years now! In this time we’ve also created new sub brands – Riddle & Spade (extraordinary vegetables!) and Age of Aquarius for its range of gourmet seafood.

For us it’s always been about pushing design to see how far we can take the brand. But we also believe in helping clients save a little bit of money too. So we created a series of master templates that now allow them to update their own brochures and sales tools in-house.

Now that’s service!