Faithlegg - Archived Work from 2018

Draws you in...

Brand Design


Waterford suffered greatly during Ireland’s most recent recession. Located just outside the heart of the nation’s oldest city, Faithlegg also battled through a number of years without the luxury of investment in its brand.

Yet resilient as ever, both Faithlegg and Waterford weathered the storm. The launch of the Greenway and substantial local investment meant the time was ripe for an evolution of the Faithlegg brand. But just as the market had changed, we had to define a compelling proposition that would reframe the hotel as a desirable destination for both locals and this new audience of potential guests.

Our solution

What we learned was that Faithlegg is a place that’s truly in a world of its own, a place with warm country hospitality at its core. Part of the rich history of County Waterford, Faithlegg has been welcoming generations of guests for centuries, telling its own unique story. From this, Faithlegg’s new brand positioning was born. “Draws you in” captures the genuine pride, the gentle pace of life, the tales of bygone times and the little details of the lives lived on the estate never fail to seduce and beguile.

The brand’s visual rejuvenation captures this same sense of old world charm in a way that’s clean and polished. By respecting its heritage yet delicately turning it on its head, we’ve created a brand with a timeless quality – modern and fresh yet familiar enough that it seems it’s been with us forever.