Fade Street Social - Archived Work from 2013

Tasting Good

Food as fun. Food as education. Food as history. Food as a cultural space.

Our Challenge

In recent years, restaurants have been forced to sharpen their offerings. Fade Street Social is a new concept in dining that is for everyone; a foody village, delivering great quality and great flavor in a relaxed setting.

Fade Street Social is the latest offering from awarding winning chef and Masterchef judge Dylan McGrath. This ambitious new experience in gastro entertainment incorporates two restaurants under one roof. The Gastro Bar and the Restaurant, along with the relaxed Wintergarden.

The brief was to develop all branding collateral for this new concept in multiple destination entertainment. Our starting point was to rediscover the hidden history of Irish cuisine. To reinvent it.

Our Solution

We developed a creative concept, focusing on the Irish ‘take’ on fun, to capture a number of uniquely different yet subtly connected brands all under one roof. Authenticity and innovation in the choice of materials used is evident.

The Gastro Bar menu features an illustration of chefs portrayed as livestock, specially commissioned as part of the new personality. This was to reflect the casual, fun dining experience of the tapas bar – grazing as it were! The main menu features large B&W images of hens, sheep, cows and cabbages, conveying the simplicity and local provenance of the natural ingredients.

We wanted to bring that uniquely Irish, slightly offbeat sense of humour to the creative concept too. A new dimension was brought to the Irish ‘bacon and cabbage’ staple, elevating it to hero status. It appears as a cabbage motif, stitched into the bespoke leather wine menus, or printed on the exterior canopies and glass manifestations. Look closely at the pig illustration and you’ll see that cabbage again, this time as a tattoo.

Each moment in the brand journey was captured in a series of YouTube videos, helping to build anticipation through social media. Our collaborative process led to the creation of a fresh brand identity capturing the distinct personality of this new foodie destination.

Skills used on this project

Market Intelligence & Research / Brand Journey Workshops / Creative Concept / Brand Identity / Brand Mark / Illustration & Artwork / Creative & Corporate Design / Brand Guidelines / Staff Induction Programme / Web Development