Drover Foods - Archived Work from 2017

Fresh Ideas in Food Ingredients

Taking Wexford superhero from supplier to innovator and brand partner

The Challenge

From humble beginnings as a local sausage producer, Drover Foods has successfully grown its business primarily in the UK market. It now works closely with some of the biggest brands in the international food-to-go market from Greencore to Kerry Foods to Tesco. Taking a fresh approach to convenience food ingredients, Drover confidently straddles a number of categories including sausages, falafels, bhajis and bespoke innovations.

With a track record of notable commercial growth and impressive future aspirations, the only thing lacking was a distinctive Drover brand. The current brand identity reflected neither their business model, their proactive approach nor their ambitious vision. They came to us looking for a strategic repositioning – to take the brand from its roots as an ingredient supplier to its future as a valued partner that sits comfortably alongside the industry’s biggest and best.

Our Solution

The answer lay in the driving force behind the Drover brand – the people and their desire to inspire and excite. Proactive, engaged and dedicated to the needs of both their customer and the end consumer, they formed the very foundation of our positioning “Fresh Ideas in Food Ingredients”. Not only does this positioning incorporate the warmth, pride and passion we felt from everyone at Drover, it firmly embeds the brand in the foodie landscape.

It lives and breathes in every aspect of the refreshed Drover brand, from the friendly brand mark to the vibrant graphics, interactive website and engaging content. It pushes their forward thinking mindset, positioning the brand as a strategic partner that serves to add major value and enhance their partners’ business decisions.

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