Cool Beans - Archived Work from 2013

Baked beans done better!

Cool Beans

A fun tasting homemade product, BIGGER baked beans, fresh, all natural beans…

Sarah and Isolde came to us with a fabulous idea. They both worked really long hours and at the end of the day they yearned for something super tasty, healthy and convenient to eat but they couldn’t find anything that hit the spot. They shared a passion for beans and business but lacked the culinary skills to complete their big idea! Sarah and Isolde enlisted the help of friend Sophie, a super amazing cook, and Cool Beans was born!

The product was superb but they needed a distinctly different brand identity to connect with a young uber cool market. In tandem with this, both Isolde and Sarah had reached a stage in their entrepreneurial career where they had to decide to make the jump from their well-paid day jobs to take the brand to the next level.

Our Solution

A brand workshop helped us to get to grips with the brand personality. This is where the seeds were sown for a very unique character that has now become synonymous with the brand and its personality. We took the essence of this and created a cheeky monkey – which perfectly catured the essence of the brand.

We combined this with strong typography that was reminiscent of a big wide grin – a brand mark with attitude! Our creative cues were taken from the tattoo culture that is very much linked to the target market. The typography and iconography work on so many levels – fun, hand-crafted, sometimes a bit irreverent, but always tongue in cheek and good humoured.

Progress with the brand has been super. Cool Beans secured manufacturing and distribution partners. The product is on the shelves in Supervalu and a host of independent stores and the branded bean machine can be seen at a festival near you!

Skills used on this project

Brand Strategy / Brand Development / Identity / Packaging / Illustration / Sales and Marketing Materials / Van Livery