Castleknock Hotel - Archived Work from 2018

A hotel that brings a fresh perspective to everything


Our challenge

Located in the leafy greens of Dublin’s westerly suburbs, Castleknock Hotel has carved out a unique space for itself by catering to a number of market segments – from corporate guests, to leisure, to weddings and events. The issue was that by doing this their brand had become diluted. They were unsure of how they could best articulate their proposition. Even their food and beverage offerings had become muddled. What was the compelling reason for being that set them apart? Our challenge lay in pulling together the hotel’s unique assets in a way that would resonate with each of their key audiences.

Our Solution

What we discovered was that this is a hotel that brings a fresh perspective to everything. It straddles traditional hospitality and innovation in a way that provides guests with a genuine home from home. We developed a refreshingly modern brandmark and visual aesthetic that reflects just this. In addition to this we developed a number of sub-brands for their spa, bar and two seperate restaurants that provide guests with both choice and clarity. We’re delighted to continue to roll this brand out across all collateral, from signage to brochures to stationary and menus.