Come to the well

This is one of Ireland’s longest-lived and most well-respected craft breweries, internationally famous for its award-winning beers.

Our Objective

Craft beer in Ireland is truly booming! This is a category with a cult following that’s quickly going mainstream. What once was the property of a few dedicated enthusiasts now has a lot more fans. With this comes an explosion of new micro-breweries and craft beer brands all competing for attention. The Franciscan Well brand needed to be reassessed to make sure it was retaining its position as a leader in this space.

Our Solution

Franciscan Well has a strong following. It’s at the forefront of making the craft beer sector what it is today. But that presents its own challenges – when your brand is growing, how do you keep the craft ethos in place, maximising opportunities while staying true to who you are? The brewery was founded in 1998 and quickly grew into Ireland’s top craft brewery. It takes its name from the old Franciscan monastery which used to occupy the site and since getting started has combined the best of modern techniques with traditional brewing styles and practices.

With so much amazing history to draw on for inspiration, there was a lot of creative exploration to be done to ensure that we retained this while still bringing the brand forward. Our design team got hard to work and we presented a range of options, from evolutions of the existing brand to complete reimaginings of it. From the beginning we ensured that we had the right brand architecture in place that would work across the multiple craft beer types the brand has, such as their flagship beers Rebel Red and Chieftain IPA. Bold colours and graphics were used to distinguish the range while retaining a strong core identity.

The chosen identity is a nod to the archway that stands over the entrance to the Cork City site. This was the perfect way to bring a sense of local flavour and make the unique Cork character and identity an integral part of the new brand as it always has been in the past. The rollout of the brand continues both on and off trade. We’re also putting a set of brand guideline in place to ensure the brand stay focused and consistent across all comms.