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The writing is on the (Waterford) wall

posted on 11th Apr 2019

After I read Rashima's post last week featuring beautiful street art on the walls throughout India, I was reminded of a festival in my home town of Waterford that similarly promotes and celebrates street art. Originating in 2015, the Waterford Walls street art festival is now an annual event that hosts world-class national and international... Gimme More »

All in a Name

posted on 7th Jan 2019

Arriving back at Dublin airport after your travels is never easy, especially when you have left the winter sunshine behind only to be replaced with the ever-present dull grey skies of Dublin. But something did manage to lift my spirits (momentarily at least!) while making the journey home after Christmas. The exhibition ‘All in a Name’ is... Gimme More »

Happy World Tourism Day!

posted on 27th Sep 2018

Today is World Tourism Day, making it the perfect time to reflect on the tourism of our own island. New data from Fáilte Ireland provides an interesting look at Ireland's tourism industry. In 2017 Ireland had over 9 million visitors and Tourism Ireland predicts that it will be well over the 10 million mark by the end of 2018. Did you know... Gimme More »

Place Branding and Why It Matters

posted on 8th Jun 2018

How do you choose the destination of your next holiday? Are you Pinteresting beachy destinations? Looking at travel Instagram accounts for inspiration or asking friends and family for suggestions? What you’re probably not thinking is the plethora of places around the world that are all vying for your attention. Why? Well there's the economic... Gimme More »

Using Google Streetview in Marketing

posted on 19th Aug 2010

Although the Google Streetview cars were seen in Ireland earlier this year and in 2009, there's still no confirmed date for the launch of the service in Ireland. The service is incredibly useful for checking out and exploring real world locations. For example, last year I used it to scope out an area in Barcelona that I was about to book an... Gimme More »