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Why websites fail

posted on 14th Jan 2019

Why websites fail
As web developers, Neworld often get asked to review underperforming websites to identify issues and failings. Sometimes these are formal audits that involve detailed research and analysis of the sites and sometimes they are more informal reviews, but the same basic flaws turn up time and time again. Here are just five of those most frequent... Gimme More »

3 weird things you never knew about your website’s visitors

posted on 6th Jul 2018

Imagine you have just launched your brand new website - and congratulations, it's gorgeous! You're sitting at your desk, clicking around and it's all shiny and scrolly and fast and lovely, just like you wanted. What you may not realise is that you, sitting at a broadband-enabled desktop computer may not be typical of every visitor to your website.... Gimme More »

Copywriting & SEO: Write for people and the search engines will follow

posted on 3rd Apr 2018

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, has long had a reputation as a dark art. SEO experts in digital and web agencies have historically been able to win the top spot for a search using a variety of tricks, hacks and voodoo. Thankfully in recent years, search engine technology has grown more sophisticated and search engines are now better able... Gimme More »

10 Blogging Resources

posted on 22nd Feb 2011

Writing a company blog takes a bit of time and effort. First you need to identify suitable topics, then craft a post which speaks to your readers. But there's hundreds of blogs out there covering similar topics to yours, so not only do you have to write the post, but you also have to try and identify something new and different in the subject... Gimme More »

How Often Should I Post?

posted on 16th Aug 2010

I often get asked 'how often should I post on a blog or a Facebook page?' There is no definitive answer because it depends on the business. If I 'like' a news organisation on Facebook I'd expect a dozen or maybe more updates each day. But if I 'like' a business selling garden furniture on Facebook and they post a dozen times a day, I know I'd be... Gimme More »

Market To Me: Why Content Rules!

posted on 6th Aug 2010

Just why is content so important in social media marketing? To identify this we need to understand the role of traditional communications, that of TV, print and radio, against social media. The average European consumer is bombarded with 500 marketing communications per day. This high level of messages has resulted in a subconscious filtration... Gimme More »