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Digital and Social Media Trends for 2021

posted on 21st Apr 2021

As we move forward in 2021 there’s a number of digital and social media trends that are worth reflecting on. These trends are, of course, mostly driven by the pandemic, but it’s important to distinguish which changes to online behaviour are short term and which are long lasting trends that will be sticking around post vaccine. Digital and... Gimme More »

Social Media Blog 8: Online Privacy

posted on 13th Apr 2021

Apple’s iOS 14 update is going to disrupt the social media advertising model we know and love. Discussing privacy with your team or clients can be tricky, there’s a lot going on and many ways to interpret and understand. This week we’re going to discuss online data privacy and give you the insight and vocabulary needed to explore the topic... Gimme More »

Social Media Blog 7: The Power of Niche on Social Media

posted on 29th Mar 2021

In recent blogs we spoke about being authentic and building brand loyalty on social media. We suggested that a key part of creating an authentic social media presence and nurturing brand loyalty is understanding your audience- where they live online, how they behave, what problems they face and what motivates them. It’s unlikely that your brand... Gimme More »

Social Media Blog 2: The Cost of Social Media Marketing

posted on 3rd Feb 2021

In the attention economy, where supply is increasingly limited, social media marketing offers access to under-priced attention. In other words, marketing on social media is one of the most cost effective ways to reach your audience and strengthen your brand. So, how much does social media marketing cost? To understand the cost of marketing on... Gimme More »

Social Media Blog 1: Crashing Social Media

posted on 27th Jan 2021

The collaborative and participatory nature of Web 2.0 created the foundations for the rise of social media platforms. Brands rushed into this new opportunity to reach their audience with flashy tools and impressive technologies. In many cases, they forgot two essential things: Social media was designed for people, not brands. Social media... Gimme More »

Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2020

posted on 26th Jan 2021

Welcome to another instalment of our digital and social media marketing review aimed at keeping digital marketers on their toes in 2020. In recent months, Mark Zuckerberg, recovering from multiple fines and sittings in front of the US Congress, delivered the keynote speech for Facebook’s 2019 conference with an emphasis on building a more... Gimme More »

Digital and Social Media Marketing Insights for 2019

posted on 22nd Jan 2021

2018 was the year that brought you GDPR, the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Mark Zuckerberg drinking water in front of the US Congress. In other words, it was a year when social media news went from gossip to current events. Here’s a look back at some 2018 digital and social media marketing insights which will help inform your social media and... Gimme More »

Facebook: Average Irish User 30.5 Years

posted on 24th Aug 2011

A decided to have a quick look back at a post from last September. The post looked at how old the average Irish Facebook user was - at the time coming in at 29.6 years of age. Stats from last year also look at the average age of American social networkers; The average Linked In user is 44 years of age The average Facebook user is 38 and... Gimme More »

Facebook Video Vs Youtube: Which is Best?

posted on 17th Aug 2011

Using video to promote brands is becoming increasingly important in marketing. With good quality, inexpensive cameras, it’s getting easier to shoot, edit and upload video content. It’s easier for fans too, which makes them more inclined than ever to upload something to your website, blog or Facebook page spontaneously, or as part of a... Gimme More »

What do we Think of Facebook Commerce?

posted on 21st Jul 2011

F Commerce officially commenced in July 2009 when 1800 Flowers opened the very first storefront on their Facebook page. Since then, the growth of commerce on Facebook platform has been slow but steady. Thats not surprising as many marketers ask if fans on Facebook are there to make purchases? Perhaps not quite yet but things like Facebook Credits... Gimme More »