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Instagram your brand

posted on 26th Mar 2019

Instagram has more than 1 billion active users, it boasts higher engagement rates than any other social media platform. With the right strategy you can make Instagram work for your brand. Using hashtags Using hashtags on Instagram can increase user engagement - one hashtag averages 12% more engagement than a post without one. It’s a great way... Gimme More »

Bringing Digital Art to Life

posted on 25th Mar 2019

Bringing Digital Art to Life When we think of the traditional methods of painting and the necessary tools that artists need to work their craft we think of brushes and paint, canvases and paper. And for me, much of the mood and magic in painting happens when you dip your brush in the paint, lift it to the canvas and the image that you see in... Gimme More »

5 Questions to ask a prospective web agency

posted on 5th Mar 2019

The process of selecting an agency to work on your website can be challenging. There are many web agencies out there, how do you choose a good one? More importantly, how do you guarantee that the agency you select is the best fit for your company? Here are five questions to ask a web agency when evaluating prospective agencies to work on your... Gimme More »

Don’t let your eyes deceive you

posted on 25th Feb 2019

Everybody meet Imma, a beautiful Japanese girl. She's fashionable, popular and going viral on Instagram and Twitter. She's taking the fashion industry by storm. You may be wondering... So what?! Just another fashionista. She isn't though. She's something else, something that you can't tell by the photos. She is, in fact, not real. MIND... Gimme More »

Icon see clearly now

posted on 29th Jan 2019

We use icons in an attempt to universally represent meaning. On websites and in real life, icons are often used in place of or in addition to text. But what happens when the item on which an icon is based is no longer recognisable to a younger cohort of website users? Does the antiquity of the original object make the icon less relevant? Or has... Gimme More »

New WordPress on the Block

posted on 12th Dec 2018

On the internet, Wordpress is everywhere. Approximately 75 million websites are powered by Wordpress which means it runs over 30% of the entire world-wide-web. It can be found everywhere from e-commerce websites to the websites of gourmet restaurants, small business websites to the websites of international corporations. Naturally, this website... Gimme More »

How the Irish are influencing tech

posted on 20th Nov 2018

I’m just two weeks back from the Web Summit so I’ve had time to reflect on this year's Lisbon extravaganza. This annual meeting of the tech community keeps growing and growing with figures reaching 75,000 attendees now. The Irish begrudgers have long since been silenced as they realised that Dublin and the RDS could never have let it grow to... Gimme More »

3 Key Rules of Web Design

posted on 8th Oct 2018

1. Focus on content Content is the most vital part of your website. Your content will win the attention of your customers, letting the other elements of your website (design, imagery, videos, etc.) provide a supporting role. Content is what will engage your audience and persuade them to take action. You will not achieve an effective and... Gimme More »

Curves, Swirls and Virgins – the world of media ownership and TV identities

posted on 28th Sep 2018

BBC2 new logo ident
As Irish TV watchers may have noticed, TV3 has recently rebranded as Virgin Media TV. The channels formally known as TV3, 3e and be3 have been renamed as Virgin Media One, Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Three. Anecdotally many consumers have been confused by this change and have been wondering where TV3 has... Gimme More »

Social Media Predictions 2012

posted on 30th Aug 2018

Neworld Social Media Blog predictions
By chance I recently came across an article I wrote in 2012 for a marketing magazine. It was loosely about social media, the value for companies of being active on social networks, privacy and regulation, and what the future outlook held. 2012 does not sound too long ago, but in internet years it’s an eternity. In 2012 Social Media was... Gimme More »